Time for tacos!

Finally the weekend! I have been looking forward to the weekend since Monday for one reason and one reason alone…tacos. Yup, tacos. A couple friends and I have planned a taco potluck supper for Saturday night. I don’t get to eat tacos very often because the rest of my family isn’t keen on them, so I am really excited to stuff myself full of taco-goodness. I really enjoy doing potluck suppers. It’s a great alternative to going out to a restaurant. I’m planning on bringing some my homemade salsa (made with veggies from the garden) and chips, a veggie tray, and cheese (as I am the dairy farmer’s daughter). I figure my costs for supper will be roughly:

$3.99 for a big bag of chips
$3.69 for a big bag of baby carrots (which also be good for lunches next week)
$0.99 for celery
$1.99 for two peppers
$1.99 for broccoli

= $12.65 for the night. Not bad! There aren’t many places you can get a meal cheaper than that. I’m not including the cost of the dip and cheese because I already have all the things to make dip and I’m bringing the cheese I won last week at a curling bonspiel. And if there are any leftover veggies, I’ll have a stir fry Sunday.

Other than the taco-fest, I haven’t got much planned for the weekend I think I’m going to get my tax stuff together and get everything ready for the accountant and do some grocery shopping. I know, I know, I should do my own taxes, but we have a family accountant who is really, really good and cheap. I’m afraid I won’t get much back in the way of a rebate, as I’ve been working full time for a year and don’t have any school-related deductions anymore. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what the accountant comes up with.

Tacos and taxes – whatta weekend 😀

Have a good ‘un,
Country Girl

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