A Look Back

I did pretty well in watching my spending this week. I find that checking my spending on a weekly basis (it’s becoming part of my Sunday routine) helps me to keep to my budget and ward off the temptation to spend. My ‘luxury’ purchase this week was the local newspaper and that was it. I almost caved and bought a scottish mist at the coffee shop, but I resisted and made myself a chai latte at home instead and kept 5 bucks in my pocket. Here’s a summary of my spending this past week:


Winter trees

Snowy trees during my walk today.

No Spend Day!

No Spending Day!

$43.25 – Fill up on gas
$1.00 – Local newspaper

No Spending Day!

No Spending Day!

$40.00 – Groceries, including some organic quinoa on sale. Oh yeah!

$50.65 – Cellphone bill. Next months will be cheaper though; I called the company and was able to get a plan that better suited my usage and is cheaper.

Weekly spending total: $134.90. Not too bad. Everything is within my monthly budget and considering there’s only a couple days left, I’m in pretty good shape.

I’ve got a lunch made for tomorrow and the laundry is done, so it’s time to kick my feet up and relax. I think I’ll watch the opening of the Oscars, if the promos are anything to go by, it should be entertaining.

Have a good ‘un

Country Girl

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2 thoughts on “A Look Back

  1. What is a Scottish Mist? Is it similar to a London Fog?

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