In like a lamb

Wow. I can’t believe it’s March already. It seems like it was just Christmas. I’m counting down to spring – the seed catalog came in the mail today, which means I can start planning out my garden! I’m hoping that March will be a low spending month for me, February seemed kind of expensive. Let’s see how I did:

$587 – Car payment, gas (damn those high gas prices), and insurance.
$420 – Vet bills. My cat got the Bob Barker treatment. There are cheaper clinics around, but a) they are further away so I would likely lose the savings in gas; and b) my cat was in heat during the surgery, so it was well worth it to have a really good vet performing the operation. Turns out her uterus was the side of a small dog’s! So big, they took pictures to send to other vets.
$188 – Split between yoga classes and my YMCA membership.
$48 – Haircut + tip
$50.85 – Cell phone bill. This will be going down next month though – I was able to negotiate a cheaper deal.
$41 – Groceries. I didn’t eat out all this month. Go me!
$13 – Flowers for my cousin’s grandmother. She invited me over for supper.
$8.27 – Cat food.
$60 – Cash withdrawl

My expensive kitty

"I'm an expensive, big-uterused barn cat"

$87 – Passport renewal fee.

Grand total = $1503.12. Not my best month, but I’m not really disappointed in myself. I knew with the vet bills and the yoga classes it was going to be a little more expensive than usual. It is worth mentioning though, I contributed $8000 towards my RRSP! That should help with those darn taxes. My goals for March are spending less than $1000 and spend some time really getting to know my new(ish) camera. What are your goals for March? Did everyone make an RRSP contribution?

Have a good ‘un

Country Girl

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