Weekly Update – Curling in the City.

Whew, what a week. It’s been a busy one. I intended to put this post up yesterday, but after I put my phone in the fridge and left the milk out on the counter, it was abundantly clear some shut eye was in order. Obviously, someone had too much fun on the weekend. Ahem.

My spending this week was a more than usual, mostly due to a trip to see the Brier (one of the best curling tournaments around), which meant extra costs for eating out and some shopping. I did manage to save some money by staying at a friend’s place and we walked to and from the arena. It was a great weekend away; I saw some amazing curlers and the crowd was hilarious. The old guy bellowing ‘Oooooooonnnnnttttaaaaaaario’ at the top of his lungs was a highlight. Anywho, onto my spending.


-$143.58 : Car Insurance


I love my new mocs!!

No spending!


No spending!


$26.40 : Gas. I filled up the tank, but used a $25 gift card from my uncle.


$+7.45: Rebate from Amazon! Whippie!


$5.07: Lip balm. I put my other tube through the washing machine and ruined it. D’oh.

$7.90: Dairy Queen stop on the way to the city.

$112.99: Moose-hide moccasins. I have been looking for a pair of rubber-soled moose-hide moccasins forever and I finally found my perfect pair! They are so soft and comfy. I am absolutely in love with them.


$16.59: Lunch, including a 15% tip.

Total Spending = $305. 08. Definitely a bigger spending week than usual. With the exception of the moccasins (which I have lusted over forever), I managed to hold off against the temptations of the mall. Actually, I didn’t even feel like going into a lot of the stores. I think this may be a result of starting a blog, and the sense of accountability that has come with it, and setting a definite goal at the beginning of the month.  My goal for this week is to re-tool my budget spreadsheets and have no ‘extra’ spending except for my share of the team fee for curling tournament I committed to playing in this weekend. After watching some world class curling, I’m all set to make some double-take outs!

Have a good ‘un

Country Girl

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One thought on “Weekly Update – Curling in the City.

  1. It’s amazing how expenses add up so quickly! But half of your spending this week came from car insurance — which I would categorize as a basic cost-of-living bill, not discretionary spending (Dairy Queen, Sunday lunch, that’s discretionary).

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