Dealings at the Dollar Store.

Today I had to go to the local dollar store and look for a tea light holder. Long story short, I’m house sitting, and while getting out of the shower yesterday morning I bounced my face off a tea-light holder-thing and broke the glass cup that holds the candle. It wasn’t a great way to start the morning, but it could have been worse, I was lucky not to cut my face or my feet on the broken glass. Racked with guilt over my wrecking ball ways, I headed out to the dollar store at lunch to try and find a replacement.

Dollar stores are great places to pick up certain things, like tea light holders. You can really save by shopping at the dollar store, as most frugal people know. However, there are some things that I would never buy at a dollar store because I question their quality and/or safety. I’m picky about my dollar store shopping, so what makes the cut and what stays on the shelf?

Things I will buy at the dollar store:

  • Cards and Gift Wrap – if I’m in a jam and haven’t had time to make a card, dollar store cards are the next best thing.
  • Party Supplies – especially balloons and napkins.
  • Scotch and Masking Tape – dollar store duct tape doesn’t do the job.
  • Wooden clothespins

Things I will NOT buy at the dollar store

  • Food of any kind. I’m sorry, but canned tuna from Senegal? No thanks.
  • Electronics and batteries. Consumer Reports warns about fake labels, including fake safety labels. Pretty scary.
  • Toys. Cadmium and lead are likely in these cheaply made toys.
  • Pet Food. I feel it would be better to feed my cat the tuna from Senegal.
  • Kitchen utensils. I once bought a cheese grater from a dollar store and it rusted after the first wash. Never again.

Are you a dollar store shopper? What items do you purchase on the cheap and what are you willing to spend a little extra for?

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5 thoughts on “Dealings at the Dollar Store.

  1. I love buying wrapping paper at Dollar Stores – they aren’t the greatest quality, but for a dollar a roll I can’t complain. Besides, wrapping paper just gets ripped off, right?

  2. I second the ban on buying dollar store food. There is a VERY BIG DIFFERENCE between buying something that happens to be cheap, and something that is actually a good use of money. I like dollar stores for dishes, picture frames, and party supplies. Some kitchen supplies are OK – but mainly things like cooking spoons, etc.

  3. It’s actually been a long time since I’ve been in a dollar store… but I used to buy picture frames from some back in Victoria! And I agree about never buying food there – I don’t think I would even buy a chocolate bar!

  4. I find that I also mostly buy wrapping paper, scotch tape, and cards! I will buy the odd bag of licorice or candy! I also buy their jugs of Arizona tea if I want to buy my husband a drink! I did buy some dishcloths and dishtowels when they had some nicer ones and I have bought some measuring spoons and cups that were pretty good!

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