The week in review

My resolution for this week: slow down. I feel like I’ve been running around like mad for the last week and a half. I’ve been house/dog sitting, out to celebrate my mum’s birthday, went to a hockey game, started yoga, curled all day Saturday on top of the regular stuff like work. I picked up a cold too, which hit me on Friday, so I’ve been stuffed up and feeling foggy. I’ve been trying to drown this cold and I think I’m starting to get an edge on it. Probably thanks to the old family-remedy – hot totties with Southern Comfort. Yummy. Despite being out and about nearly everyday this week, I didn’t do too badly on my spending:


-$1.13- a package of dividers to organize my idea binder


-$49.32 monthly YMCA membership


-$35.29 cellphone. Managed to get my monthly charges lowered by $15 🙂


No spend day!

+132.10 from my sister for the bridesmaid dress.


-$45.80 for gas and the local newspaper.


-$20 for a raffle ticket supporting the local curling rink. I won two bracelets and a bottle wine!


+$100 for house/dog sitting. I wasn’t expecting this at all, so it was a nice surprise.

Spending Total: $151.54. Not too shabby. I managed to keep the discretionary spending to a minimum, with my biggest extra being the curling raffle tickets. I don’t mind buying raffle tickets for good, local causes. This week I plan to spend more nights in and catch up on things like laundry and my reading. I’d also like to get out and get to know my newish camera better. I saw a robin today which has inspired me to go out and photograph spring.

What are your goals for this week? Did you keep your spending in check last week?

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