I am fabulous because…

Would you like to win a tablet computer? Fabulous Savings is having a contest and one lucky person will win a Tablet2. You can enter the contest in two ways: 1) visit FabulousSavings.ca and search for the secret page everyday and/or 2) post a blog about why you’re fabulous. Great idea ‘eh? You can find full contest details here. Aside from the chance to win a Tablet2 (squeee! – that’s the noise I make when I dork out), sometimes everyone needs to remind themselves just how awesome they are. Head over to Fabulous Savings and enter – you’ve got until midnight tomorrow!

I am fabulous because:

  • I paid off all my student debt myself, and within a year of graduating.
  • I lived in a tent in the mountains in the Yukon for a summer and didn’t go crazy.
  • I’m not afraid to wear my rubber boots to town.
  • I seem to have a knack for fixing anything electronic.
  • I love getting my hands dirty and doing things like drywall, cutting wood and gardening.
  • I’m a quick learner and I love learning.

That’s my fab list. What makes you fabulous? Anyone who can use eyelash curlers is fabulous in my book – those things are scary!

Have a good ‘un

Country Girl



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4 thoughts on “I am fabulous because…

  1. Wow! You paid off your student loan 1 year after graduating? Major kudos! 🙂

  2. I can use an eye lash curler! Oh wait, do I have to be able to use it well, because that’s another story ;). Those pesky lashes don’t like to be primped and curled.

  3. Yes, you are fabulous!

    If you ever want to get your hands dirtier I’ll invite you to may place for a house renovation party 😉

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