Marching forward

Was it just me, or did March absolutely fly by? I was so busy and it seemed like I was out and about every weekend, which I think helped the time fly by. I’m looking forward to April – sorta. I’m really looking forward to getting outside more as the weather (hopefully) gets better, but I’m dreading spending money on getting my car serviced and a few extra things. My goal for April is not to spend a cent on clothes or fast food. I’m really trying to cut my variable spending and save up for a spa day with my best friend in June to celebrate her birthday. I’ve never done a spa day, and the spa package she picked out includes: an hour massage (never had one of those), whirlpool treatment, a facial (never had one of those), manicure (never had one of those – I’m going to have to quit biting my nails), a pedicure (have had a couple of those) and a lunch. The total, before tip and tax, is $325. I wouldn’t normally spend that kind of money on girly stuff like a spa trip, but it’s for my oldest and dearest friend, so I will go and be pampered 😉

Remember I said my goal for March was to having my spending come in under $1000 dollars? I was so close. My total spending for March = $1029.06. I was off by $20.06. Damn – so close. Maybe I’ll be able to do it for April. Here’s the breakdown on my spending:

I hope REAL flowers will start blooming soon!

Car Costs $637.06

  • Insurance – $143.58
  • Payment – $276.76
  • Fuel – $216.72 – I filled my car up on the 31st, I suppose I could have waited and filled up on the first of April and rolled that into the April budget, but I didn’t want to chance gas prices going up – which they did. My gas bill has increased by about $35 due to gas prices. Maybe it’s time I put those geology classes to use and start looking for an oil deposit – hillbilly style.

Cell Phone $35.29

Food $38.82

Gift $121.87 (my Mum’s birthday and flowers for my cousin’s grandma)

Gym $49.32

Hair $7.51

Pharmacy $5.07 (Lip balm)

Clothes $112.99 (my moose moccasins – I love love love my mocs. I think I’ve found my shoe soul mate)

Uncategorized $21. 13 (raffle tickets and binder dividers)

Overall, I’m okay with my March spending. I came really close to my goal of a month under $1000 in expenses. Now for my April budget:

Budget Item Monthly Budgeted Amount
Auto Insurance $                                         150.00
Auto Payment $                                         304.00
Gas & Fuel $                                         175.00
Service & Parts $                                         225.00
Entertainment $                                           20.00
Fast Food $                                                  –
Snacks $                                             5.00
Groceries $                                           20.00
Restaurants $                                           30.00
Gym $                                           50.00
Books $                                             8.00
Mobile Phone $                                           38.00
Hair $                                           50.00
Personal Care $                                           20.00
Pharmacy $                                           20.00
Uncategorized $                                           30.00
Total $                                     1,145.00

I thought about adjusting my gas spending – but I’m really going to watch my driving and see if I can keep it around $175, despite the gas prices.  I was also thinking about getting my hair dyed, but that would turn a $50 haircut into a $100 one, so I think I’ll just make do with my natural dirty-blonde colour. This month I’m also going to crunch the numbers and try and come up with a realistic budget that includes a mortgage and other housing costs. I’m getting itchy to get a place of my own, so don’t be surprised if there’s a housing-theme in my posts this months.

How did you do last month? Any big changes for April? Any exciting plans?

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One thought on “Marching forward

  1. Congrats on coming so close to your budget!

    March flew by for me, as well. I also spent almost every weekend meeting up with friends, and unfortunately, my wallet took a hit.

    Will post up March recap soon!

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