Weekly Update April 4-10

My debit card got a bit more exercise than usual this past week, most of it related to my car. The car is fine, it was just in for a check-up. I didn’t get up to much exciting this week – I spent most of the weekend outside because it was 20 C and sunny! I gave the inside of my car a very thorough cleaning, finally getting rid of the salt stains in the carpet and vacuuming every nook and cranny. It looks like new car again, but does smell like a chip wagon. More on that later, and onto my spending:

Monday April 4

No spend day!

Tuesday April 5

No spend day!

Wednesday April 6

-$54.33 for desperately needed hair cut. Good news, my bangs aren’t trying to poke my eyes out anymore.

Thursday April 7

-$126.24 Car insurance

+$80.00 Cash deposit into my chequeing account (my sister repaid me for a couple things I picked up for her).

Friday April 8

-$53.25 Gas – I really hope gas prices go down soon.

Saturday April 9

-$252.66 Service for the car.

-$9.03 Shampoo especially made for removing salt that didn’t work at all. What a waste. I did find something that does work though – double-strength vinegar. The stuff is amazing! It cleared up the salt (2 winters worth) with just a bit a scrubbing. I was amazed. A couple days later, my car still smells like a bag of salt and vinegar chips, but the inside of my car looks brand new again.

Sunday April 10

-$39.55 paid the cell phone bill.

Total Spending: $535.06 Yup, a bit of an expensive week. I knew the car and hair expenses were coming, so at least it’s not a shock. How did you guys do this past week with your budgets?

I found a definite sign of spring this weekend too: the first litter of barn kittens! Six so far. Any suggestions for names?



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One thought on “Weekly Update April 4-10

  1. Youngandthrifty

    Cute kittens! They look so cuddly. Must have been spring cleaning fever because I vacuumed my car out too 🙂

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