Weekly check-in (April 11-17)

I meant to have this up yesterday, but by the time I finished reading other blogs and watching Princess on tv, it was my bedtime. Watching Princess kills me, I don’t know how Gail deals with such silly, silly people without slapping some sense into them. Some of them are so aggravating – I mean, having your Mom buy your cigarettes for you and then borrowing money for botox?! Crazy. Anywho, onto my spending (notably absent: cigarettes and botox):

Monday April 11

No Spend Day!

Tuesday April 12

No Spend Day!

Wednesday April 13

No Spend Day!

Thursday April 14

-$49.25 for a tank of gas. I’m hoping gas will go down a little bit before I have to fill up again. Right now it’s at $1.319. Yuck.

Friday April 15

-$138.38 Car payment

-$49.32 YMCA membership

-$21.95 Ice cream cake, bought to celebrate my sister finishing her college degree. A local shop makes these and they are decadently delicious. I think I might prefer ice cream cake to a regular ‘ole cake.

Saturday April 16

-$33.89 Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows Part 1 on Blu-ray. I’m pretty darn excited to see the next one this summer.

-$14.00 Loose green tea. It’s called Exotic Seduction and is the raciest tea on my tea shelf.

-$4.00 tip. My cousin took me out for breakfast at a greasy spoon on our way to the city. The best part about greasy spoons, they don’t skimp on the bacon 😀

Total Spending: $310.79

Hmm. A few things this week I didn’t account for (movie and the cake) but I don’t regret buying them. I think I’m going to be over budget this month because I didn’t account for a couple things, like signing up for another 9 week session of yoga. I’m really enjoying yoga, so I’m going to continue it.

How’d did your week go? Anyone else have any unintended purchases like a cake and movie?

Have a good ‘un

Country Girl

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2 thoughts on “Weekly check-in (April 11-17)

  1. I literally laughed out loud at your “notably absent: cigarettes and botox” comment! I wouldn’t be able to handle those girls either. Even on TDDUP there were a few people that I would be “how could you not slap him/her!” Gail has the patience of a saint, I tell you 🙂

    Unintented purchases are the whole reason I’m in debt and tracking my spending. None last week, as I’ve been trying to anticipate my purchases a bit better which I think will help me with the budgeting process in the long run.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Following searching Google I found your site. I think both are great and I is going to be coming back again to you and them in the long term. Thanks

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