Weekly Summary–April 18 to 24


Kit-Kat Cake...sooooo yummy.

I hope everyone had a super Easter weekend. I’ve got turkey brain still, so you’ll have to excuse me for any errors or if I start to ramble. I’m living off a steady diet of leftover turkey, desserts and easter chocolate, following my family Easter dinner on Sunday. I have a big family, my Dad has six living siblings, so with spouses, kids and kids of kids, so that adds up to over 40+ people here for supper. I love having a big family and our big family meals – it’s loud, busy and lots of fun. My favourite part of Easter was hiding the candy for the kiddies – although we were too good at it, I found a couple of unfound Aero chocolate eggs on the yard today.

Financially, last week was a good week for me. I feel a little more confident about my financial situation after putting $5000 towards my car loan last week. It feels good to put a good whack of money towards my debt. Ideally, I’ll get rid of my debt before start looking for a house. I’m also going to put my entire tax rebate towards my car loan (that’s around $2300). While it’s tempting to spend some of that money on something fun, I really want to get rid of my car debt. I also had a good week in terms of spending:

Monday April 18

-&78. 56 on face wash, toner/rinse, day cream and night cream. My Vichy Normaderm was on sale at Shoppers, so I restocked. I also got a bunch of great samples and a $10 gift card.

Tuesday April 19

No Spend Day

Wednesday April 20

No Spend Day

Thursday April 21

-$46.30 Gas and a paper

Friday April 22

No Spend Day

Saturday April 23

No Spend Day

Sunday April 24

No Spend Day

Total Spending: $124.86

I will admit, it’s pretty easy to have a no spend day on a statutory holiday during which most places are closed, but a no spend day is a no spend day. This week, I’m going to crunch the numbers and try and mock up a budget that includes all those things that come with owning a house. I’ll be looking for input, so watch for that later this week.

Do you guys think I should put my entire tax refund towards my car loan? What would you do?

Have a good ‘un

Country Girl

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Summary–April 18 to 24

  1. You’re doing great. Personally, I would put the money towards my debt.

    On a separate note I need to change my blog web address and name. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks.

  2. I would put it towards debt. That is what I did 🙂

    I had debated putting some of it towards my EF but I ended up just spending less that month and putting $500 into it from my spending money 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  3. I keep coming back to look at that cake… *drool*

    I’d put the tax return towards the car loan. Might as well keep up the momentum while you’ve got it going!

  4. It’d depend… Is your Emergency Fund sufficient and is your car loan your debt with the highest rate? I’d put money on whatever debt is at the highest rate first but also make sure my emergency fund is full. Then I’d put whatever’s leftover into the car loan.

    • Hmm, good point! I’m almost at my initial $5000 goal for my EF. Maybe I’ll shuffle a bit of the cash to the EF and the rest to the car loan (it’s my only debt right now). Thanks!

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