April Recap

Sorry for the lack of posts this past week. The adapter for my laptop burnt out, so I’ve been laptop-less for the last week and a bit. I’ve been anxiously waiting for the new adapter to come and it finally showed up today. I’m now on the third adapter for this laptop and out nearly $80, but it’s still far less than a new laptop. I guess I can’t complain.

April was an ok month moneywise. I spent more than in March, but I had a service appointment for my car, a haircut and I went to Shoppers and stocked up on face cleanser and cream. I did meet my goals of not spending any money on clothes or fast food. Here’s how my spending turned out:

Budget Item Monthly Budgeted Amount Amount Spent
Bank Fee  $                                                          $                             
Business Services  $                                                          $                             
Auto Insurance  $                                            150.00  $               (126.24)
Auto Payment  $                                            304.00  $               (415.14)
Gas & Fuel  $                                            175.00  $               (148.80)
Service & Parts  $                                            225.00  $               (261.69)
Entertainment  $                                               20.00  $                  (33.89)
Coffee Shops  $                                                          $                             
Fast Food  $                                                          $                             
Snacks  $                                                 5.00  $                    (4.00)
Groceries  $                                               20.00  $                  (14.00)
Restaurants  $                                               30.00  $                    (4.00)
Gift  $                                                          $                             
Dentist  $                                                          $                             
Fitness Class  $                                                          $                             
Gym  $                                               50.00  $                  (49.32)
Chiropractic  $                                                          $                             
Books  $                                                 8.00  $                             
Hobbies  $                                                          $                             
Travel Cost  $                                                          $                             
Mobile Phone  $                                               39.55  $                  (39.55)
Hair  $                                               50.00  $                  (54.33)
Personal Care  $                                               20.00  $                             
Pharmacy  $                                               20.00  $                  (78.56)
Pet Food & Supplies  $                                                          $                             
Veterinary  $                                                          $                             
Clothing  $                                                          $                             
Electronics & Software  $                                                          $                             
Shopping  $                             
Uncategorized  $                                               30.00  $                  (21.95)
Spending Subtotal  $                                         1,146.55  $            (1,251.47)

You’ll see that my insurance is lower than last month and you may remember that I posted about my search for quotes. I ended up going with my current provider, as they gave me the best deal, including windshield replacement. I travel on roads with lots of salt and gravel trucks, so windshield coverage is essential. I also spent less on fuel than I thought I would, which is a relief, especially given gas prices of late. I’m going to leave the amount I budget for fuel the same, as I will likely start driving more as the weather gets nicer. The service for my car was more than I estimated and I have to go back again this weekend. This time it’s a recall, so the service will be free at least.

You’ll see I also overspent (or underestimated) my spending for my hair cut, pharmacy costs and entertainment. Whoops. I’ll just have to resolve to be extra vigilant next month, or get better at guesstimating.  I know in May I have some extra costs coming up – Mothers’ Day, my sister’s birthday, a wedding shower, and buying a team sweater and ball shirt. Also, now that slo-pitch has started, I’ll be spending a bit more on beer since we usually have a beer or two after each game. I love playing in a beer league on a very non-competitive team. It’s so much fun just out hanging with the girls, even if I am the only one under 40.

My other big news is that my cousin asked me to MC his wedding. I’m pretty honoured that they asked me and I hope I can help make their special day go smoothly. If anyone has suggestions or tips for an MC, I’d love to hear them.

How did you guys do this month? Anyone else looking forward to spring actually arriving soon?

Have a good ‘un

Country Girl

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One thought on “April Recap

  1. April was a spendy month for me too. I had hoped May will be better… But it’s not looking good. And it’s only the first week. ^__^;;

    Hope you’re doing better than me for May!

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