Happy Mother’s Day (oh yeah, and May’s budget)

I officially love yoga. When my friend suggested taking a yoga class, I was hesitant; I wasn’t sure I would enjoy it or get any real benefits from it. Oh, how wrong I was. Once the pain subsided after the first class, I realized that I really enjoyed the class. Now that I have a couple months of weekly classes under my belt, I feel yoga has positively influenced my life. I feel calmer, more positive and generally better all around. I wish I could take more yoga classes.

I hope all the Mom’s out there are having a lovely Mother’s Day. For Mother’s Day, my sister and I spent the day out helping Mom in the garden. I’m so lucky, I have a great Mom – I’ve learned so much from her and she’s very near and dear to my heart. I have a great relationship with my Mom, and she’s been very influential in all my accomplishments to date. I owe her so much, I’m not sure there’s a way I can ever express how much she means to me.

Ok, now onto the finance side of this post. I finally got a chance to do up my budget for May. After a spendy April, I’ve really tried to limit my spending in May. I would have liked to come in under $1000, but I’m not sure that is possible with all the gifts I have to buy this month (Mother’s Day, sister’s birthday and 2 bridal shower gifts). I’ve also increased my Entertainment spending because I know I’ll likely hit the movies a little more this month – in fact, I was at the theatre on Friday to see Thor (not bad, not great). I also paid for a another 9 sessions of yoga this month too.

Budget Item Monthly Budgeted Amount
Bank Fee  $                                                        
Business Services  $                                                        
Auto Insurance  $                                            125.00
Auto Payment  $                                            304.00
Gas & Fuel  $                                            175.00
Service & Parts  $                                                        
Entertainment  $                                               30.00
Coffee Shops  $                                                        
Fast Food  $                                                        
Snacks  $                                                 5.00
Groceries  $                                               20.00
Restaurants  $                                               30.00
Gift  $                                            175.00
Dentist  $                                                        
Fitness Class  $                                               90.00
Gym  $                                               50.00
Chiropractic  $                                                        
Books  $                                                 8.00
Hobbies  $                                                        
Travel Cost  $                                                        
Mobile Phone  $                                               39.55
Hair  $                                                        
Personal Care  $                                                        
Pharmacy  $                                                        
Pet Food & Supplies  $                                                        
Veterinary  $                                                        
Clothing  $                                               20.00
Electronics & Software  $                                                        
Shopping  $                                                        
Uncategorized  $                                               30.00

I’m afraid that I might overspend on gas this month. I’ve already spent over $100 on fuel and it’s only the 8th! Grr, I hate the gas prices right now. I spend about $150 on gas last month, so I can roll $25 forward, but I’ll think I’ll try minimize my driving and see if it’s possible to spend only $175 when gas is $.130+. If not, I’ll just have to adjust my budget.

Did you do anything special for Mother’s Day? How’s your May budget looking?

Have a good ‘un

Country Girl

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3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day (oh yeah, and May’s budget)

  1. Gas is really taking a toll on our budget. We’ve already spent half of what I allocated for the month. I guess that I will have to trim back a couple other areas. I read today that the price of crude oil dropped last week so maybe we will see some relief in the next little bit. We can only hope.

  2. haha. I’m already overspent for May. Ooops. ^__^;
    I made sushi for Mother’s Day. I posted today actually.
    Hopefully the rest of May will be more frugal. O_O;;

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