Weekly Update May 9-15

I usually reserve Sundays as a day for me. I like to partake in lazy Sundays to recharge and regroup for the upcoming week. I was happy to have a cold, windy and rainy Sunday today, after a bit of a hectic week. This week was the company’s 60th anniversary, so to celebrate the company hosted a big party. They invited all current and past employees, clients, contractors, and local politicians, all in all, it was a lot of people. It was a good party though and the food was excellent. Slo-pitch also started for the season this week. I love my slo-pitch team, we’re just out to have fun and to socialize. Oh yeah, and drink beer.

Speaking of beer (I love a smooth transition), I went to a stag and doe last night. I was the driver, so no beer for me, but there were lots of people who were partaking. I’m not a big fan of stag and does in general – usually the music is too loud and I’m not a crowd person, but I don’t mind supporting a young couple starting out. What I really dislike though, is a seemingly new trend of the bridal party constantly harassing people for money for raffle tickets, toonie tosses, guess the number of beer caps/jelly beans/whatever games, plinko, and basically every other party game you can think of. Sometimes I’d like to tell these people that it’s not in my budget to pay for their wedding.

Here’s my spending for last week:


-$126.16 Car Insurance

-$50 Slo-pitch league fees


-$17.37 Lunch with a pal. I had a salmon-bacon sandwich  with a caesar salad. Oh yeah, and a chai latte. Delish!

-$39.55 Cell phone


No Spend Day!


No Spend Day!


-$138.38 Car Payment (soon these will be over!)

-$11.44 for lunch. I forgot mine at home.

-$60 for a gift card for a local spa for my sister’s birthday.

-$48.55 Gas


-$15 three stag and doe tickets


No Spend Day!

Total Damage: –$506.45. Ouch. I can’t wait to get rid of those car payments, I finally got my tax rebate on Friday, so I’ll be off to the bank tomorrow to deposit it.

My other big news, my cousin asked me to be the MC at his wedding. Anyone have any tips for me?

Have a good ‘un

Country Girl

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Update May 9-15

  1. The whole idea of making people pay for your wedding makes me a bit sick and angry.

    I am getting married in July – and I am not just starting out, we’ve been together 10+ years – and I had to be talked into a shower. I was very clear that we wanted NO GIFTS other than a family recipe, and that if people felt they had to give something, we would accept a maximum $10 donation to charity. (We’ll see if people really listen to us and don’t bring gifts, but we are very specifically saying no gifts.)

    • Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! I think accepting family recipes or a donation to a charity is a great idea. Kudos to you for being such a sensible and generous person with regards to shower gifts.

      • I do understand the tradition of the shower and gifts, and if people are getting married super-young (which, do people really do that anymore?) then they do in theory want to ask for sheets and things like that but honestly we already have more stuff than we need… just come celebrate with us! (And honestly, if you are going to give us a gift, money for travel is better than new towels or more glassware that we will never use.)

      • I agree! I have no qualms about giving money. I’d rather see my ‘gift’ put to good use than sit unused in a closet somewhere or be regifted at Christmas.

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