Weekly Update May 16-22

I hope all my fellow Canadians out there enjoyed the long weekend. There’s not much better than waking up Monday morning and not having to get up and go to work. My long weekend was busy – I looked at houses all day Saturday, then another on Sunday and back to one on Monday. Looking at houses is fun, but it’s hard not to compare them to the big ‘ole farmhouse. It’s made for a exciting/stressful weekend. I won’t bore you with the details. I’ll save that for another post.

Other than exploring the world of real estate, I spent the weekend relaxing and gardening. The vegetable garden is planted and thanks to the right combination of rain and sunshine the radishes and lettuce have already started to sprout. We also made a trip to the local garden centre to get some annuals for the deck pots. When the pots fill out a bit, I’ll post some pictures.

I intended this post to go up yesterday, but as I was writing it my computer decided to suddenly shut down. It has been running hot lately so I pulled it apart this afternoon and cleaned out the fan and vents. Wouldn’t you know it, there was a great big ole’ dust coyote (too big to be a dust bunny) in there. It seems to be running cooler now, so fingers crossed that solved the problem. I don’t really want to buy a new laptop just yet.

Monday P1000341

-$49.32 YMCA membership.


-$48.03 a bird feeder (+ seed) for my Dad for Father’s Day.


-$50.00  Garden centre – gift certificate for my Mom for Mother’s Day (paid with a cheque that was cashed this week)


No Spend Day!


-$30.65 Hardcover Book. I usually wait to get paperbacks but I bought the last Redwall book to complete my collection. I’ll admit it, I got teary-eyed at the end because it was the last Brian Jacques book that will ever be written.

-$9.00 Movie ticket. Took my cousin to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It was ok. Johnny Depp is entertaining as always and I adore Geoffrey Rush, but the movie seemed to lack the fun factor of the first one.

-$54.10 Gas.


No Spend Day!


No Spend Day!

Total Spending: –$241.10. Not bad. I wasn’t expecting to get my Dad’s gift until, well, closer to Father’s Day, but he has a bad habit of buying his gift before I can get it for him. No matter though, he now has another bird feeder.

Did you guys do anything exciting or new on the weekend? What are you planning on getting your Dad for his day?

Have a good ‘un

Country Girl

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Update May 16-22

  1. Actually, an article I wrote got picked up to become the Father’s Day tribute feature in a magazine! 🙂 I was going to surprise him with a copy for Father’s Day, but I let the cat out of the bag this weekend. LOL (Whoops!)

    We planned on disking this weekend, but we (thankfully) got just over two inches of rain yesterday. Hopefully that fills up the creek enough we can stop hauling water to the cattle everday!! 🙂

    It’s seems crazy that filling up at the tank costs more than a good gift for our parents now, doesn’t it. 😦

    • Whoohoo! That’s awesome that you’ve got an article getting published.

      Do you want more rain? I will happily send some rain your way. We don’t need anymore, we’ve had too much lately. We need it to dry up so we can get things planted.

  2. I haven’t decided what to get my dad, yet.

    I think he was interested in a little netbook, but I’m not sure if that’s some thing that he really needs or wants. The screen is likely too small for his liking… but he seemed so interested in mine when he saw it.

    • Dads are so hard to buy gifts for. One idea for Fathers Day is taking your Dad on a mystery tour – I took my Dad to a brewery, museum, antique farm shoppe and of course, took back roads to get to the different places.

  3. Yay for Canadian long weekends! I spent mine sleeping and enjoying the sunshine: both very frugal activities (esp. as I still have sunscreen left over from last year so I didn’t have to buy any)

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