Meet my garden

One of my favourite summer activities is gardening. I love playing in the dirt. We have plenty of flower beds in addition to our vegetable garden, so there’s no shortage of dirt around here for me to play in. The vegetable garden is my favourite though. There’s absolutely nothing better than being able to walk out to the garden, grab a tomato and make a fresh, toasted tomato sandwich. Fresh garden vegetables taste amazing after a long winter of bland tasting, imported vegetables. Not only does everything taste a hundred times better, it can make a big difference in your pocket book if you can grow and store your own, home-grown veggies. I thought I would share my garden layout this year and some neat garden ideas I’ve come across.

We have a very traditional vegetable patch. In the past we’ve grown everything from broccoli, corn, pumpkins to watermelons. We have a sandy-silty soil that is well-drained, so it’s well suited to grow vegetables without having to add much to the soil. We also have our garden in a spot where it get lots of sun. Prior to planting, we work the soil with the tiller. The general rule of thumb for planting that we follow is not to plant until after the May 24 weekend to avoid any chance of frost. Most vegetables don’t take kindly to frost. Here’s our vegetable patch this year:


Yummy. I’m most excited for the potatoes. I love potatoes in any way, shape or form. This year, we growing green and purple beans, two varieties of cucumbers (one for pickling, one for eating), as well as cherry and big boy tomatoes.

In addition to our vegetable patch, we’ve repurposed a stainless steel trough into a planter. The trough originally came from a local cheese factory and was used in part of the cheese making process. When it came time to get new cheesemaking equipment, my grandfather got a bunch of the old vats and troughs. This trough sat in the bush until we pulled it out and decided it would make a great planter:


Neat huh? It’s about 30 feet long and 10 inches deep so it’s great for short rooted plants. Not everyone has room for a 30 foot trough-planter though. Most people would likely have room for a palette though:

While you wouldn’t be able to grow potatoes in these, you could certainly grow herbs and lettuce mixes. Of course, if you do grow anything in a pallet, make sure you get a heat-treated palette instead of a fumigated one. Check out the link above for all the specifics.

If you have room more a barrel, you can grow potatoes. All you need is a barrel. 

Of course, you can always grow vegetables in pots too. Tomatoes and peppers do really well in pots. Do you have any neat gardening ideas? Do you grow your own veggies?

Have a good ‘un

Country Girl

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