Wicked winds a-blowin’.

I apologize for not having a post up yet this week. It’s been a bit hectic around these parts. It’s been busy at work and this is the first night I’ve been at home and I only just got sitting down. Whew.

We’ve had some crazy weather here over the last couple nights, with severe thunderstorms and some wicked winds. Thankfully, our hydro was fixed last night, but we have some neighbours who are still without power for a third day now. Today, I was over at my friend’s place helping to clean up after the latest storm – they had 14 trees either snapped or ripped right out of the ground during a downburst yesterday afternoon. It was a pretty wild sight when I drove into their place; trees and branches everywhere, and a big, solid ash was lying across the roof of the house. It wasn’t long before a whole bunch of neighbours showed up with chainsaws and we were cleaning things up. Around 2, the neighbour with a crane showed up and we got the tree off the roof. While it sucks that the roof was damaged, it was the only thing damaged; lucky, considering there were four vehicles in the drive and a handful of other buildings scattered around the property.

Once we got the driveway cleared, we all went to the next place up the road to clear their driveway of fallen trees. It must have been quite the sight, two tractors, two trucks, a quad all in little convoy going up the road. The neighbours were lucky, the trees that fell at their place were massive. Absolutely huge, fully mature maple, ask and oak trees. If any of the trees had of fallen the other way, it would have cut their house in half. The trees were so big, and such a twisted mess, we were only able to cut one up but they can now get in and out of their driveway.

Once we decided that we’d done enough clearing for one day, it was supper time and my friend’s mum brought out Chinese Food. Once we finished supper, I cracked open my fortune cookie and read my fortune out loud to the group:

“You will help a friend in need”

My friend’s dad let out a big laugh, handed me a rye and coke and said that fortune couldn’t have been more right. He then joked that my friend and I have earned our spa day tomorrow.

Damn straight! I’ve got the scrapes, cuts, splinters and bruises to prove it. I was worried I wasn’t going to enjoy the spa day very much, but I’m really looking to a nice relaxing day now.

Have a good ‘un

Country Girl.

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