Country Girl gets gussied up–a review of Fayez Spa.

On Friday, my friend and I went to Fayez Spa in London to celebrate her birthday. For me, it was a day of firsts – I’ve never done a spa day, so I’ve never had a facial, massage or manicure. The only spa treatment I’ve ever had done is a pedicure. I’ll admit it, I was pretty hesitant when my friend suggested a spa day to celebrate her birthday. I don’t fuss over myself much and when she told me how much it would cost, my eyes nearly fell out of their sockets. The package my friend picked was the Ladies’ Favourite, which included: 20 minutes in a steam room, 60 minute massage, facial, lunch, pedicure and manicure, all for $322.65. So what did this simple, first-time spa-er think of it all?

Steam Room

Our first treatment was a 20-minute session in the steam room. Two attendants were waiting for us at the steam room and gave us some instructions (I guess we looked a little confused) and then ushered into the steam room. The steam room was about 8 feet long by 4 feet wide, with tiled floors and walls. For two people there was lots of room, but with anymore, I can see the room becoming cramped. There were towels waiting for us on the tiled benches and we had the option of controlling the temperature of the room/steam from the inside. The steam was lavender-scented, but wasn’t over-powering. After about 10 minutes of the steam, I was very glad for the big glass of water the attendants handed us as we walked in. The steam room was a great way to start the day and I was surprised how fast the 20 minutes went.


Our massage therapists were waiting for us following the steam room. My massage therapist introduced herself and asked if I had any concerns, or areas that needed work.  I explained that I’d never had a massage before, and the MT cheerfully went through the massage process with me. She told me to tell her if I wanted a certain area worked on more or less, and if I wanted more or less pressure. I really appreciated the MT explaining everything to me. The massage room was clean, not too hot, not too cold, and really calming. I really enjoyed the massage and my MT was a great conversationalist. I now understand while people rave about massages.


After the massage, was the facial. It started with my aesthetician asking about my skin and what products I use. Following that, she put the lights to my skin and examined it. She said my skin is combination, with a bit of redness and acne – which wasn’t surprising. Following that, she used a gel-cleanser on my face and then started into the extractions. A little bit of warning at this point would have been nice, especially that she was going to go at my face like she was mining for diamonds. Ouch. After one particularly painful extraction, I thought for sure I was bleeding. When the extractions were finally finished and I could breath again, she started an arc welder. Ok, it wasn’t an arc welder, it just sounded exactly like an arc welder. The aesthetician assured me that the tool would just tingle (and not electrocute me or weld an iron mask to my face) and would kill the bacteria and reduce redness. She was right, it didn’t hurt, but did tingle. After that, a ivy, sage and basil mask was applied to my face. It felt amazing, with a strong herbal scent. While the mask set, I got a lovely hand and arm massage. Once the mask came off, my face got a slathering of moisturizer. The moisturizer she put on was really thick and greasy feeling, which I didn’t really like, but whatever. The aesthetician suggested a line of skin products from the spa, but didn’t push them, which I really appreciated.


After our facials, my friend and I met up in the lounge for lunch. A spa employee had two places set for us and took our drink orders. By the time we compared notes about our facials, our lunches were brought out. I had a pesto pasta dish with feta and my friend had salmon. The food was delicious and really fresh tasting. I was getting really hungry by the time we got lunch, so I had mine eaten pretty quickly. After we finished our entrees, they brought out dessert, which was raspberry sherbet with fresh strawberries and kiwis. Super super super good. 


Next up was the pedicure. The pedicure area was a line of individual pedicure chairs with four foot half walls between them and blinds that you could pull down if you felt particularly anti-social. The lady doing my pedicure gave me a card with all the colours of nail polish to choose from; I chose a really dark blue for my toes. My pedicurist was hilarious, she loved that I picked such a crazy colour and that I had a dark green colour on my toes going in. She kept asking me if I had regular pedicures because my feet were ‘very nice’.


Once our pedicures were done it was time for the manicure. I’m a nail biter, but handsince my friend decided we were going to the spa, I’ve been growing my nails out and doing everything in my power not to bite. I was just tickled when the manicurist complimented me on my strong, healthy nails. Hehehe, if she only knew. Anywho, the manicurist wasn’t much of a talker, so she worked away on my nails, while I tried to figure out the water wall behind her. I picked a dark brown for my nails: Midnight in Moscow by OPI. I love it, especially since the manicurist squared off my nails. I think it looks awesome.


I loved the atmosphere at Fayez. The place really modern, clean, and all the employees I came across were very friendly and professional. While we were having our manicures done, other employees stopped and complimented us on our colour choices or asked if we were enjoying our day. It really made me feel special.

Overall, I really enjoyed my day at the spa and I would highly recommend Fayez Spa for anyone in the London-area. I can’t really comment on the prices because I don’t have any thing to compare it to, but I feel like I got good value for my money. If you’ve got some money saved up for a treat, I think a trip to Fayez Spa would be well worth the money.

Have a good ‘un

Country Girl

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4 thoughts on “Country Girl gets gussied up–a review of Fayez Spa.

  1. TLC

    I absolutely LOVE getting massages!

    Out of curiosity, are you in London for a special event, or just for the spa day? My dream vacation is to visit London, but my husband and I estimate it will take around $6000 for us to get there.

  2. TLC

    Well now I feel silly. I didn’t know there was a London in Canada… please excuse my ignorance 😉

    • Sorry for the confusion! Fayez Spa is in London Ontario, not quite as exotic as London UK. Now that I think about it, there’s not much in common between the two places, save for the name.

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