Weekly Spending: June 6-12

I know, I know, finally a spending check in. This is one might shock you, I’ve been exercising my debit card a bit more than I usually do. Behold my spending:


-$56.50 Gas

-$24.27 at Shoppers for Baptiste dry shampoo (luv it!) and eye drops for my cat. She got something in her eye and it got red and irritated, so the vet recommended some eye drops from the pharmacy to clear it up.


-$126.16 Car insurance – paid so I guess I can keep driving.


No Spend Day!


No Spend Day!


-$364.00 for my spa day at Fayez Spa. Check out my review here. I really enjoyed spending the day with my besty for her birthday, so it was well worth it.

-$73.40 at Best Buy – I got 2 seasons of Stargate Atlantis, a season of Duck Tales for my sister (she squealed when I gave it to her and immediately called our cousin to arrange a Duck Tales party) and a video game for my pal’s birthday.

-$170 at RW and Co. I got a pair of linen pants, bermuda shorts, 6 shirts and a pair of earrings. I’m so glad to have some nice summery stuff to wear to the office.


No Spend Day!


No Spend Day!

Total Damage: $801.14

See – I told you it was a spendy week. It’s a damn good thing that Best Buy didn’t have Ipads in stock or it might have been even worse. My weakness is electronics and because my laptop now has to be plugged into the wall, I’ve been hankering over a tablet lately. I just have to keep telling myself I don’t really need it and it’s just another toy.

Do you have any spending weaknesses? How was your week?

Have a good ‘un

Country Girl

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Spending: June 6-12

  1. TLC

    My weakness is eating out, mainly because I’m lazy lol. And I DESPERATELY want a new camera (Nikon D3100), but the hubby & I are trying to keep our finances in check for a few months because of his new job. I used to love buying new clothes & purses, but I had to wean off that addiction 🙂

  2. I want an IPAD soo bad. Also, dry shampoo is the best. Especailly since I don’t have the energy to wash my hair and then style it every single day.. plus it’s long so it take forever to dry. ❤ dry shampoo.

  3. My weakness is dresses at warehouse sales 😉 It used to be shoes…but then realized I don’t wear them because they’re not comfortable and I can’t walk in them. But they do look pretty.

    The spa day sounds lovely! It’s so nice to be able to treat ourselves once in a while.

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