Happy Father’s Day

I hope all the fathers out there had a great Father’s Day. I had a great day with my Dad and the rest of the fam-jam. We took a tour out to the neighbouring county and toured through a museum, did a bit of farmer shopping (TSC, the army surplus store and the co-op), had Chinese buffet and then went for a tour out on the Kubota. We all had a lot of fun today and it was a super day to tour the outdoor village part of the museum. My Dad is a history buff, he loves visiting museums and collecting antique farm equipment, so he really enjoyed talking history and farming with the interpreters at the museum. A deep appreciation for history is just one thing my Dad has passed on to me. I am so so so lucky to have such a great man for a father; he has, and continues, to teach me so much, and is a huge influence on me. I’m definitely a daddy’s girl.

I’m really proud of my Dad. He’s done some pretty amazing things, aside from putting up with a houseful of girls, and has so many skills and talents. He really is a jack of all trades. Here’s just a few of the things that my Dad has done, taught me, or that I love about him.

  • My Dad quit smoking, cold-turkey. After years of smoking, he quit Christmas Day and hasn’t looked back since. He’s been smoke-free for 6 years now.
  • I love to read because of my Dad. My Dad is a big reader, and when I started to read novels, he gave me favourite childhood books. Most of them were adventure novels about a man and his dog. I remember finding a series of books written about a Mountie and his dog in the school library and my Dad and I reading them together out on the deck.
  • My Dad rented Raiders of the Lost Ark for us to watch when I was 13, and the Indiana Jones movies are still my  favourites.
  • I can always depend on my Dad to help me out. I’ve been looking at houses lately, and my Dad has been there crawling underneath houses to look at floor joists and into attics to look at insulation. He’s always looking out for me.
  • My Dad taught me the value of a dollar, a day’s work and about doing good work. I still enjoy working with my Dad, because it doesn’t ever seem like work.
  • His sense of humour. He’s witty and has a contagious grin and laugh.
  • I have a lot of hands-on skills, thanks to my Dad. I can drywall, split wood, do some basic electrical work, milk a cow by hand, change tires, and change oil, all thanks to my Dad teaching me how. Thanks, Dad.

What did you do for Father’s Day? What has your Dad taught you?

Have a good ‘un

Country Girl.

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