My new to me challenge

Furnishing an entire house is expensive. While I don’t have a house to furnish just yet, I’ve got a plan of attack. I have challenged myself to buy used furniture, whenever possible. Of course, there will be some exceptions. For instance, I will not be buying any used mattresses. Used mattresses make my skin crawl, which is silly, really. Every time I sleep in a hotel, I’m on a used mattress, technically. However, the thought of having a used mattress in my home makes me shiver. Gah, I totally just grossed myself out.

Other than my crippling fear of used mattresses, I’m going to try and get the rest of my furniture use

d. I’m going to do my best to find quality, reasonably priced pieces. Any house of mine will definitely have an eclectic vibe to it, and hopefully not a ‘welcome to the island of misfit furniture’ feel. I anticipate many a weekend spent refinishing, reupholstering and painting furniture. I am really looking forward to hunting down some great used furniture.

Where am I going to find all my used furniture? Here are the places I’ll be hunting:

  • My relative’s houses – I am not afraid or ashamed of mooching furniture off my aunts, uncles, and cousins. I’ve already got a full stoneware dish set from my aunt, a chesterfield and a love seat. I’m hoping I can score a used barbecue and a patio set when another aunt and uncle buy a new set.
  • Auction and estate sales– lots of people around here have auctions when they sell the

    I wonder if I can find a couch with the same pattern as the elephant.

    farm and quite often auction off antiques and furniture. I’m hoping I’ll be able to find a great solid wood table, dressers and maybe a hutch.

  • Garage sales – I’ll be hitting the pavement on the weekends, looking for some cheap treasures.
  • Classified Ads/Kijiji – Kijiji is such a great resource. It has caught on in this area and more and more people are using it. The key is not spending hours and hours at work browsing through all the ads.

It will be  time consuming, but I think in the end, the savings will be well worth it. I should make a list of everything I have and what I need, checking stuff off as I go. It might be kind of fun to track my hunt here on my blog. What do you think? Do you have any used furniture? What won’t you buy used?

Have a good ‘un

Country Girl

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2 thoughts on “My new to me challenge

  1. Another place you might want to check is the Salvation Army. I once found this awesome orange/brown plaid couch and armchair set for 150$. They’re completely tacky but I love them!

  2. Andrea

    Hmmm one thing I noticed when I got my own place is that it’s nicer to take things slow and really pick out pieces that suit your life and your house so they’ll stick around for a long time.

    I’d buy anything used except a mattress, heh I splurged on mine a few years ago… well actually its a leftover from a breakup but I love it and would do it again.

    I actually prefer used, solid wood quality pieces and most of the stuff in stores seems to be pressed wood. Eck. I like pieces with history and scratches and stuff that can be refinished and fixed and that’ll still be around when my kids are my age. Hehe.

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