Enjoying the simple things

What a weekend! I didn’t do anything particularly exciting, but I did thoroughly and frugally enjoy my weekend. It started out in probably the best way possible – with a bonus cheque from work. I really enjoy my work, and my boss and the company make me feel like a valued employee. I was just finishing up when the bookkeeper and one of the partners came into my office and handed me an envelope saying ‘today is the day staying late really pays off’. No kidding! I was grinning like a goof when I opened the envelope and saw the cheque. What a super way to start the weekend after such a crazy week. Truth be told, the bonsus couldn’t have come at a better time either, with the recent home purchase and all. I practically skipped out of work.

After work, I met my friend and we toured around the arts and craft festival. There are some amazingly talented and creative people out there. I got lots of ideas, but only bought one thing, a hammered tin sign for my parents hottub that says ‘country bathhouse’. I think the neatest thing I saw was a patio chair made completely from parts from a bicycle. After the festival, we grabbed a bite to eat at a local bistro and then headed back to my place to hot tub and watch Say Yes to the Bridesmaids Dress. Both my sister and friend are bridesmaids in some upcoming weddings, so they really enjoyed the show. I did too, some of the dresses were gorgeous and some of the bridesmaids/brides were batshit crazy. It makes for great guilty pleasure tv.

Saturday, I had to work a public meeting and less I say about that the better. Afterwards though, I headed down to my cousin’s for a dip in the pool and some rye on the deck. I met my bestie after that and we walked down to the lake for some ice cream. I absolutely had a blast, we talked and talked and the watched a movie. It was such a simple night in terms in all the things you could do on a Saturday night, but I really enjoyed myself. As my university days get further and further behind me, and I realize that it takes much longer to recover from a night out, I’ve realized that simple things like hanging out with friends, watching an old movie, watching silly tv, spying on the neighbours err sitting on the deck, and walking down at the lake.

What simple things do you enjoy? How was your weekend?

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5 thoughts on “Enjoying the simple things

  1. I love love love craft fairs. And farmers markets. I wish I were more crafty..

  2. TLC

    Bonuses are the best! Mind if I ask what you do for a living?

  3. Kay

    yayyy!! another congratulations!! 🙂

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