Not made for summer

Sorry for the distinct lack of posts lately. Life has just gotten so crazy all the sudden; work is so crazy, so many public meetings and deadlines coming up. Throw in all the stuff that goes into buying a house (which I intend to blog on), baseball twice a week, and my cousin’s upcoming wedding, and I’m a busy girl.

I have to admit the heat is making me lazy too. I am not a heat person, so this 30°C + weather is killing me. It might not be so bad if it wasn’t so hot at night, but it just isn’t cooling down enough for me. I have spent the last couple of evenings hanging out in the basement (lying on the concrete floor) or over at the neighbor’s new dairy barn helping them. Thankfully, being a brand new barn, and a cadillac one at that, it isn’t bad in the barn, but doing the work outside the barn is brutal. My Dad and I were over there until 1 am last night and when we got home, the temperature in the house was 24 °C. Not much sleep was had, of that you can be sure.

I’ll try to do a couple posts up on the weekend and see if I can’t get them scheduled to post over the next two weeks. Hopefully by then it will have cooled off and calmed down, and this country gal can get back into regular blogging.

How do you stay cool? Are you a fall person like me, or do you love the sweltering summer heat?

Have a good ‘un
Country Girl

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8 thoughts on “Not made for summer

  1. I LOVE the fall! Summer in Ontario is sometimes totally unbearable! I have window AC units that run for the better part of the summer to keep my pets comfortable, and I benefit as well. Of course that drives the hydro bill to insane levels. I love the nights when you can open all the windows and enjoy a nice chilly breeze, the evenings where you can wear long sleeves or a sweater if you choose and the days that don’t get higher than about 22 or 23 degrees.

  2. I like the hot weather but its gotten old here too. The heat finally broke today and it feels so nice. I really like the fall, too.

  3. I’m weird, I can’t bear the heat OR the cold. Blame it on having had both heat stroke and hypothermia.

    I’m guessing that you haven’t been getting the evening electrical storms after a hot day over in your neck of the woods. Usually when it gets unbearably hot in the summer I stay in the coolest room of the house during peak hours. When the sun eventually goes down, and it’s cooler outside than inside, my doors and windows get opened to let air circulate into the house.

    If it stays ridiculously hot in the evenings (I heard on the radio what Toronto is dealing with for heat today. That’s insane. I’m not sure what your temp is sitting at right now but if it’s anywhere around theirs I feel for you.), I’ve been known to wet a couple face cloths, wring them out, and sleep with them on my forehead and chest/neck. It cools me down enough that I can actually sleep. Hope that helps!

  4. Ack. I know how you feel. On Thursday, it was 49C in the city with heat and humidity! 49C! That’s one degree below 50! That’s almost a mild sauna! DISGUSTING. I’m totally like you. I consider myself a “delicate spring flower.” Anything above 21C makes me wilt. =(

    Try to stay cool!

  5. TLC

    I take it you don’t have AC? It’s been hovering between 95-100 degrees F here in the Midwest lately, I don’t like it one bit! I hibernate in my apartment with the AC and ceiling fan running.

  6. Girl, it’s been too long since I’ve stopped by…how the heck are you!
    My apartment is on the 10th floor, east facing, and was sweltering. I’m lucky though – I get smacked in the morning with full on sun, then by the midafternoon heat there’s no more direct sunlight.
    Yaaaay buying a house!!! Looking forward to hearing about that one 🙂

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