Busy as a bee!

I figured it was about time that I got a post up. I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately, but life crept up on me and I was hardly able to get online at all. Here’s what’s been keeping me busy the past two weeks:

– Work. I’ve had some major reports to do, not to mention a sudden over abundance of meetings. In my line of work (environmental planning) summer, or construction season as we call it, tends to be the busiest season. There’s been a bit of drama in the office too, which is both distracting and stressful.

– Wedding. My cousin got married last Saturday, but prep for his big day started the Tuesday before. I am really close with my cousin, so I was happy to help out. The bride’s family all came over from the UK, so a good part of our helping out with the wedding was keeping the Brits entertained. I took a bunch canoeing, then we had the rehearsal dinner, the next day was setting up the hall and last minute prep, Saturday was the wedding, and then Sunday was for recovery and brunch. It was a five day extravaganza, really. I also MC’ed the reception, so I spent Friday fretting over that job. It went well though, and I had lots of compliments on my MCing – the DJ said I could be a professional!

– My house. I got possession at the end of July, so almost every night after work I’ve been at the new place. Unfortunately, the previous home owner didn’t seem to understand that it was his responsibility to clean out the house and the shed. I ended up taking two loads of his crap to the dump. I was not impressed. I did keep a few things though, like the handmade pottery from a local potter. I suspect he doesn’t know how much it’s worth. It took two days to clean the house up. Now, we’ve started into the renovations. The big reno is the bathroom, which has been gutted. I’ve also ripped out two walls in the basement and started priming some of the walls. Let me tell you, if you ever paint a room ‘Harley-Davidson orange’, the person who has try to cover that colour up with primer, will call you all sorts of nasty names.

My goal is to get the bathroom done in the next couple of weeks and get moved in. Hopefully then, things will settle down a bit. My goal for this week is to write a couple of posts outlining my home-buying experience. For now though, here’s s sneak peak at my new home looks like.

This is the horrible bathroom. Note the terrible caulking job, tacky gold finish on the doors and general ugliness.


The living room! I love the bay window. The black lights in the fan will be leaving, just in case you're wondering.



This is 'Harley-Davidson orange'. It takes four coats of primer to cover this stinkin' colour up.



This is my kitchen. Some day, I dream it will be clean.

Have a good ‘un,

Country Girl

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4 thoughts on “Busy as a bee!

  1. TLC

    You ARE incredibly busy! Looks like that house has a lot of potential! Good luck on all of your upcoming projects.

  2. The orange room will take a lot of paint but that kitchen? Man, it’s NICE! I’m totally envious. @_@! Nice and big!

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