Confessions of a Cheapster.

Have you ever been called cheap? How do you differentiate between frugal and cheap. It seems to me, being frugal is generally a positive thing that gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling. On the other hand, being cheap is almost considered deceitful or shameful behavior. When does frugal become cheap? These thoughts came to mind after a friend jokingly told me I was too cheap to turn the heat on in my house (for the record, it’s a cool, but comfortable 17 C). I like to think that most of the time I’m frugal, but I know that sometimes I end up on the other side of the fuzzy line between frugal and cheap – like when I cut open toothpaste tubes to get out the very last smidgeon of toothpaste.

Here are some things I consistently cheap out on:

  • TV. I refuse to pay for tv channels. This may because I was raised with the four free (five, if the weather was right) channels we got off the antenna, but whatever the reason, I will not pay for cable or satellite tv.
  • Exercise clothes. No lululemons for this girl. 10 dollar yoga pants from Walmart is more my style. Why would I pay $80+ for clothes I’ll be sweating in? If there were some sort of magical yoga pant that would make planks easier, well, then maybe I would consider putting more cash towards it.
  • Electricity. My friends joke that I would be happiest in a cave. The only light on in my house is on in the room I am in. The dark doesn’t bother me, so I’m content with minimal lighting. What makes me really feel like I’m cheaping out on electricity is that I try and make sure I always charge my iPad and phone at work. Yeah, that definitely seems cheap.
  • iPad apps. I don’t really know why I feel such an aversion to paying for an app. I know that like anything else, someone has put effort and time into making an app, and they deserve to be compensated for it. But man, a whole $1.99?
  • Drinks. I never, ever, ever order anything other than water at a restaurant if I’m footing the tab. I love a good glass of Coke, but paying for a glass that would buy me a 2L bottle of the stuff makes my teeth grind and my wallet snap shut.

There you have it, some prime examples of my own ridiculousness. While I will admit to being cheap sometimes, I’m not entirely sure that I want to change that…

What do you cheap out on? Have you ever been called cheap?

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21 thoughts on “Confessions of a Cheapster.

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  2. Oh yes, I have been called cheap by my children. I do not order soda in a restaurant. It irritates me when my kids do. I do buy more expensive work out clothes because I wear them to teach in everyday and they just last longer. lululemon is a bit too steep for me. We do not have or ever have had cable. I do not own an I- Pad and if I did would question paying for an app. I am frugal not cheap, okay sometimes I am cheap.

  3. I am a proud cheapster too. I drink tea every morning but don’t haev a water boiler. I use my soup pot to boil water on the stove. It takes longer, is messier, and when the one soup pot I have is dirty, I have to wash it before the tea water can be boiled. But the idea of spending 10-15 dollars on a water boiler really offended me, so I never got it. Bf’s work got rid of their old one so he snatched it for me, and now I really appreciate the convenience.

    Other things I cheap out on: eating out everyday, ordering alcoholic drinks, drinking out in general, I don’t buy logo acquisitions, walk whenever possible instead of taking the bus or ttc, and never pay for salon services that I can manage to do (at least half decently) myself.

    • Nice! When I was in university I had a hot pot that I could make basically everything a uni student wanted (boil water, cook soup and alphagetti). It was the best. I can’t believe how expensive some kettles are (I’m lucky, my new place came with 3 kettles). I saw one in a flyer this week fro 49.99, and that’s on sale!

  4. Vanessa -- Random Thoughts & Acronyms

    Wait… Do some people leave all their lights on? I thought that only having lights in the room you are in was normal behaviour…

    I never order drinks in a restaurant, charge my laptop/phone/ipod at work/school, don’t buy apps and don’t have cable/internet

    • Haha, my sister is notorious for leaving lights on. I had a roommate who was bad for it too – I could always tell if she was home because every single light would be on. No internet? I’m not sure I could do that, but kudos to you for being able to resist.

  5. If it wasn’t for T, we wouldn’t pay for TV either. Although it has been nice getting movies, Food TV and skipping through ads!

    I exercise in old skanky T shirts and my BF’s old rugby shorts, or alternatively trackies I bought from the opshop.

    I don’t pay for apps, either and I don’t order drinks out.

    I water down milk. 2 litres costs nearly $4, so I think the price justifies tipping this into the frugal, not cheap, camp.

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one who refuses to pay for apps. I’m not sure I could water down my milk though. I can barely drink 1% without thinking it already tastes like water, but that’s the dairy farmer in me. I agree though, milk is expensive so I would count it as a frugal act too!

    • Vanessa -- Random Thoughts & Acronyms

      I like the idea of watering down milk… What percentage do you buy to make it still taste decent?

    • Hey Fraser,Thanks for leaving your thoughts.I agree that engagement on Google+ ofr p sutnassesÂeFacebook at the post level. And hands down it’s easier to have a conversation about a topic on Google+ over Twitter.Just to be clear, I haven’t turned my back on Google+ at all. I honestly don’t do much conversating on any social network these days. Just when the mood strikes.

    • “Just for giggles, I ran that IP address through a geolocation service. I’m sure you have already done this, but I found it interesting that it resolves back to Dhaka, Bangladesh.”Darn, you mean this may not be the perfect place to find a trial lawyer if you expect to lose and appeal on grounds of incompetent counsel?

  6. Depending on who I am with, I have been called cheap or frugal.

    One time when my shower curtains become moldy, I just took them off then scrubbed them down and rinsed them off in the yard. Then put them back on and continued using them.

    I was called cheap by several people. I don’t really care, i spend money where I think it’s well spent and shower curtains, wasn’t one of them 🙂

    • That is awesome – I think you’re my new hero!

    • I do that, unless the curtain is too far gone. Something I learned from my mom, who comes from “The Developing World.” Why would you waste money on a new curtain if all you have to do is scrub the old one/throw it in the wash, and it’s good as new?

  7. I’ve been called cheap, and many of the things that I do are very cheap!

    I tweeted the other day about my shampoo and conditioner making my hair gross. I’m much too cheap to let it go to waste and throw it out so I’ll have to use it until it’s all done but it seriously gives me mega build up in my hair. I’m only halfway through it, though.

  8. TLC

    I don’t see you as being cheap at all! As for watering down milk, I already drink skim milk.. so that may taste pretty weak LOL. But then again, I looooove my milk (about 2 gallons/week for me alone), so I refuse to give it up!

  9. I guess I’m cheap as well then :p

    I really hate paying $2.99 for a glass of ice with some Sprite in it that costs the restaurant a whole cent and a half.

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