Country meets City.

I love it when I have a productive Sunday. I knew as soon as I woke up this morning it was going to be a good day for getting stuff done. Shortly after my wake up cup of tea, I was at the ironing. Next, I tided up around the house and then got started on painting my office, only to find out I was out of rollers. Ah well, I got all the edging done at least. After lunch,  I made some cream of asparagus soup then went outside and did some tidying up of the yard. I also brought in a bunch of wood for the stove – a job that’s much better to do when the weather is nice. Now that the November gales have started up too, it’ll be good to have a good supply of wood ready by the stove just in case the power is knocked out. Shortly after that, the fam-jam came down for supper to celebrate my sister’s birthday. I made tacos (at my sisters request) and lasagne (for my Dad, who doesn’t like tacos) and then we had an ice-cream cake for dessert. Not a traditional Sunday meal, but good one all the same.

This week will see a change in my normal routine. This country girl is being shipped off to the big city, Toronto, for a 2 day workshop. It’ll be the first time I’ve been to Toronto in a couple years. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little apprehensive about going to Toronto. I’m mostly concerned about getting lost; it may sound silly, but I’m so used to navigating by which way the lake is and being able to see the horizon. The big buildings really throw me off and it’s not hard for me to get turned around. I’ll be sure to keep my mapbook on me, just in case I get lost. Believe it or not, this will also be the first time I’ll be alone in the city. I am looking forward to getting some Starbucks though. Thankfully, the workshop will keep me busy during most of the time I’m in TO, but I will still have to try and avoid the temptation that is the Eaton’s Centre and big city shopping. I will just have to keep reminding myself to save it for my big shopping trip to the States at the end of the month. All my expenses are paid by work, so it *should* be a cheap trip.

Does anyone have any good recommendations for places to eat in and around the U of T? I don’t want to be that person who goes all the way to Toronto, the most multi-cultural city in Canada, only to eat at Tim Horton’s.

Have a good ‘un

Country Girl

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8 thoughts on “Country meets City.

  1. It sounds like you had a good day. I don’t have any advice for Toronto. I’ve never been there but I think that it sounds like fun. Just remember to enjoy yourself. Even if you do get lost, you will figure it out and it will work out.

  2. Do I ever have food recommendations for Toronto!! 🙂

    What kind of food do you like and do you have a specific budget?

    One of my favourite places for brunch is the Harbord House at Harbord and Spadina (right on UT campus!). I love their crabcakes eggs benedict…. *drools*

    If you want to walk a bit further downtown, Kensington market is great for yummy food. The Urban Herbivore is great vegetarian food, Wanda’s Pie in the Sky has really great pies and cakes, Kings Cafe for some more great veggie eats, Kensington Corner stone has some great Gluten Free eats, and Moon Bean cafe is a great place for awesome coffee. There is another strip of good eats at Baldwin (Baldwin and McCaul) and most restaurants there are pretty yummy and decently priced. John’s Cafe has great Italian treats! And alot of great places to eat in Little Italy (Bathurst and College) I esp. love Cafe Diplomatico for their thin-crust pizza.

    If you like Thai food, my favourite places are Sokhu Thai (at Parliament and Dundas) and Khao San Road (at Spadina and Adelaide). It can be a bit of a wait so weeknights are probably best to go, but the food is well worth it – love their Pad Thai.

    Most of the above are pretty budget friendly (~$10 – 15 entree), but if you really want to treat yourself, Ruth Chris’s steakhouse (Queen and University) – their steak is ahh-mazing. And this tiny Sushi place at Grovsner and Yonge called Solo Sushi Bekkan- their fresh fish is amazing. Caren’s is a wine and cheese bar that is tucked away in Yorkville. Their cheese menu is amazing ( 4 pages!!), and you should make a reservation in their back patio.

    OMG. There is so much more, but I think that’s a start.


    PS. I’m glad that I am finally able to put my too-expensive eating out budget to good use 😉

    • Thanks for all the suggestions! I ended up having supper at Thai Basil one night – it was super yummy. I wish I could go out for Thai food more often! I may have to book another trip back to TO just to eat at all those great sounding places!

  3. Vanessa -- Random Thoughts & Acronyms

    Oh my, I haven’t been to Toronto in years! I have to admit that the last time I went I ate at Tim’s (although, it was a TIm’s/Cold Stone which we didn’t have in Montreal at the time).

    I avoided getting lost by carrying a map (so touristy in 2008) and navigating by the CN Tower (south but doesn’t work all the time), but now I’d use the GPS on my phone.

    Also! Yonge street is the divisor between East/West (ie, Queen street is Queen st East to the east of Yonge but Queen st West to the west of Yonge).

  4. The edging is the hardest part of painting … now that you’re done with it, the rolling will be easy. Also … I can’t imagine disliking tacos! But I also love lasagna. Great choices for both.

    No suggestions for Toronto, but I’d say just keep your eyes open for something that looks local and kinda fun.

    • Yup, edging is definitely the hardest part of painting. I think my Dad is crazy for not liking tacos – it’s basically a messy hamburger just minus the bun. 🙂

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