Tackling the wood pile.

I wrote my very first guest post ever for Money Rabbit this week. You should head over there and check it out. I won’t tell you what I wrote about, you’ll just have to head over to her blog and see for yourself. I was pretty darn excited when Money Rabbit asked me to write a guest post, because I really admire her. Hopefully my post keeps up with her excellent standards.

I fully intended to have an amazing post done for today. Really. It was going to be smart, witty and thought provoking (for a change). I usually do most of my writing on the weekends and I had all sorts of plans to spend my weekend working on kick ass blog posts, but my weekend was totally hijacked by wood.

This was my weekend

Saturday morning, my Dad called and asked me to come up and split wood. Ok, I  figured, I could spare a couple hours to split a load of wood. It was -15 C, so I layered up and headed up to the farm. We hooked the hydraulic splitter up to the tractor and headed around to the back of the barn, where the wood pile was waiting for us. We split wood until lunch, took a quick half hour lunch break, and then headed back out to continue splitting. We filled our big dump box three times before we decided that was enough for the day. Of course, we’d only managed to split about half of the wood pile.

Sunday morning my phone rings at 9; Dad is ready to split more wood. I wolf down the rest of my breakfast and drive up to the farm. We decided to finish splitting the rest of the wood pile. Of course, we’re closer to the bottom of the pile by now and the pieces of wood seem to be getting bigger and heavier. Some of the pieces have to split six or more times. Ugh. But we did it, we split the entire wood pile, finishing around 5 pm. Goodbye weekend.

That’s my excuse for this post. I spent my entire weekend splitting wood, and today, I can barely lift my arms up. There’s a little fire burning between my shoulder blades, but at least I managed to accomplish one of my goals: split 2 cords of wood. I think we actually did closer to three, so I have enough wood for next winter and then some. Also, by cutting my own wood, I saved myself $240 (average price of a cord of wood ~ $80 x 3 cords = $240).

Not an exciting weekend, but at least I can look at the pile of split wood drying out in the shed and feel some strange sense of accomplishment.What did you do this weekend? 

Have a good ‘un

Country Girl

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5 thoughts on “Tackling the wood pile.

  1. Oh gosh.. this sounds sooooo familiar! Last year I didn’t get it done at all so I did the same with my dad mid-winter somewhere. This winter I got an electric splitter and finished splitting and stacking everything by the end of October-ish. Such a relief to have it done and then it can season better. 🙂 Great workout huh :p

    • It’s an amazing workout, nothing else gives me noodle arms like splitting wood. I don’t know how people did it before electric and hydraulic splitters.

  2. I haven’t had to do that in forever, but the boys dad sometimes enlists him to come help him go up and GET wood. By cutting down trees. Shhhh..

    Anyways, I used to feel so accomplished when I finished splitting wood

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