Weekend Musings

I love me a long weekend. Saturday, I went to a butterfly conservatory with my sister and best friend. It was a lot of fun – and being a butterfly conservatory it was nice and warm. It was like a taste of summer. It was busy, with lots of families (read: screaming kids), but it was still fun. We saw lots of butterflies – it’s neat because they fly around and land on your shoulder or in my case, right on top of the flash of your camera. They also had lots of other insects on display. I am so glad that my habitat isn’t shared with hissing cockroaches or centipedes. Yikes. Admission to the conservatory was $13, which seemed pretty reasonable. You could spend all day in the conservatory, if you felt like it. I think my favourite part of our visit to the conservatory was when we saw a butterfly land on the back of a turtle by the pond.

Today, I visited with my parents. They just got back from a Caribbean cruise. It sounds like they had a good trip. I love that my parents are taking winter vacations, because it’s something they could never do with 3 kids and a barn full of dairy cows. Now that the cows are gone, and my sisters and I can take care of things around the farm, my parents have been able to go south during the winter. It was interesting to hear my parents talk about the cruise – specifically how they saved money. They opted out of having tips added automatically onto their bill. Instead, they tipped the cruise workers themselves. They figured they saved about $200 by tipping just the people who helped them. They also brought their own pop and booze onboard to save money. It’s good to know that I come by my frugality honestly.

My other accomplishment this weekend was deciding on how much I’m going to contribute to my RRSP this year. I had a tougher time deciding how much to contribute this year because I have more expenses now that I’m a homeowner. I also have some renovations that I would like to do this year too, so that limits how much of my savings I can transfer to my RRSP. Here’s my plan:

  • $3000 into my RRSP (which will put me close to my goal of a $5000 contribution this calendar year)
  • $1000 into my EF
  • $2000 into my TFSA (my house fund)

I’m glad I finally sat down and thought about this. I can’t believe how fast the RRSP contribution deadline came up this year. Have you contributed to your RRSP yet? What did you get up to this weekend?

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Musings

  1. I used to go all every once in awhile when I lived in my hometown – they had a butterfly conservatory and they were so beautiful!

  2. I live in the UK and went to a butterfly sanctuary on the Isle of Wight a couple of years ago which was a great experience, being surrounded by butterflies, such delicate beautiful creatures. Fills one with wonder at the creations of Mother Nature. You have made me think I would like to go again.
    PS As an `oldie’ I really enjoy your blog: gives me insight into the `younger’ world. The newsy homey tone of your blog is just right in my opinion.

  3. KD

    I’ve only been on a couple of cruises, but bringing your own booze was not allowed on the ones I’ve done… not that it stops people, clearly!

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