Leaping into March

Har-de-har-har, aren’t I just a laugh and a half with my clever wordplay. Wordplay aside, I am looking forward to March. I have my fingers crossed that the weather will turn around, because February seemed so dull, dreary and grey weather-wise. I’m itching to get out and get my yard cleaned up and start my outdoor projects. I have been waiting all winter to get into my little shed and clean it out. I really, really, really want to get rid of the smelly hockey equipment that the previous owner of the place left for me. Yuck. I think the smell has kept the critters out of it at least, but I’ll have to wait for a sunny day with a bit of east wind (got to keep the smell away from the house) to drag those hockey bags out and air them out.

Budget wise, February was brutal. I had grand plans for February to be a no-spend month, but I absolutely and totally blew it. I am pretty disgusted at how much money I spent this month. Mind you, some of the expenses are necessary evils, like taxes, but a lot of the spending was just stupidity on my part. Here’s where I spent my money:


Quite a bit of red there ‘eh? I spent more on gas this month because I had to drive more than I usually do and gas prices are up around the $1.29/L in these parts. As well, my car desperately need a new air filter and oil change which I think were effecting the gas efficiency. Hopefully next month will be a little less.

  • Restaurants: Only went out once, but ended up paying the tab for my sister and friend. We went out for lunch when we visited the butterfly conservatory. My friend drove, so I offered to get the tab for lunch.
  • Service and Parts: My car went in for an oil change and new filter. While it was in the shop, I had the mechanic pull off the brakes and clean them out – glad I did, because all four were full of stones, salt and grit. No wonder the brakes were ‘thumpy’ these last couple weeks.
  • Gift: for a baby shower I forgot about when I was making my February budget.
  • Book: I know, I know, I said I wasn’t going to buy any books this year. This is my one exception – it’s a book of personal stories from the tornado last year, with the proceeds going to Victim Services. It’s a really interesting read, and for a good cause.
  • Personal Care: Bought a diva cup, and stocked up on other items that relate to hygiene or my attempts at beautifying myself.
  • Clothing: We didn’t just go to the butterfly conservatory, we also popped over to the outlet mall. The Gap had 60% off, so I got: three shirts, a skirt and a sweater. I also got a pair of sweatpants at the Roots outlet.
  • Uncategorized: I bought some craft supplies at Michaels, some stuff for my house (like a kitchen mat) and made two charity donations.

There you have it, everywhere I strayed last month. In the good moves I made column, I did contribute $3000 to my RRSP and $2000 to my TFSA. I’m going to start March off with a $1000 contribution to my emergency fund, as well.

How did I do on my other February goals? Well, pretty much as sucky as I did on my financial goals.

  • Get all the measurements for the basement/kitchen/stairs reno and start a couple design options. MULLIGAN – I got the measurements done, sketched one design which won’t work, but discussed another with Dad which seems like it may be do-able. I’m going to make a Google SketchUp model of the design this weekend.
  • Get all the canvas off the inside/outside of my trunk – FAIL. Almost done the outside, but I ran into some trouble with the canvas around the handles. Didn’t touch the inside of the trunk.
  • Complete the February photo challenge – PASS.
  • Make a spring cleaning list for the inside and the outside of my place FAIL. Thought about all the spring cleaning tasks, but failed to write any of them down.
  • Don’t buy: clothes, home decor stuff, or any extras (one exclusion: foundation, because I’m going to run out) – SUPER FAIL.
  • Calculate my net worth. FAIL. No excuse here, just never did it. It’s on my to-do list for this weekend though.

In light of my less than stellar accomplishments in February, I’m going to turn things around in March. I have printed this post off to remind me that I need to shape up.

How was your February? Anything you’re looking forward to in March?

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12 thoughts on “Leaping into March

  1. I print my goals off every month and stick them above my pc – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t lol – good luck in March 🙂

  2. Do you use a program to track your spending or just keep tabs on it and entered it into your excel spreadsheet? I really think I need to start doing a more detailed budget and tracking what I am actually spending.

    • I usually just use excel and enter my spending into it. I think I am going to try and keep track of my spending when it happens (either in a notepad or on my ipad) and update my spreadsheet more regularly than once a week.

  3. February was a downer for a lot of us apparently!! Hope March is better all around!! 🙂

  4. I am amazed at how much you put in your RRSPs and TFSA!! WOW! Great job.

    I too had a rougher February… seems we are all gung ho in January but February is a bit of a downer… oh well… March can only be better 🙂

    • Thanks. It felt good putting that much away for a rainy retirement day. I think February weather is to blame for the budget breaking. Hopefully we’ll get some sunshine in March and all stick to our budgets!

  5. February was an OK month for me. I thought I would be spending $20,000 on a down payment so I’m kinda glad it didn’t happen yet, so I can feel good about my savings for awhile. Hopefully March will be a good month in terms of spending since I will be back to studying again!

  6. Those are some amazing contributions to your RRSPs and TFSA!

    February was a downer month for me, and I was also seeing a lot of red (much more than yours!).

    Here’s to a better March!

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