Frugal Inspiration: Indiana Jones

This post is inspired by Annabelle over at Shopping Detox, who is an expert at finding frugal inspiration from movies and tv shows. I thought I would share one my favourite frugal characters: Indiana Jones. Not only is he a roguish adventurer, scholar, and fedora aficionado, he’s frugal too!

The man knows when it’s important to invest in quality items. A quality fedora and leather jacket will see you through thick and thin, which may or may not include Hovitos chasing you through the jungle, escaping a chamber full of deadly asps, being dragged behind a truck, and the occasional fisty cuffs with Nazis.  Besides, can you imagine how hard it would be find a replacement fedora between Iskenderun and the Temple of Holy Grail.

Indy has a side hustle. He’s a bespectacled archaeology professor (X never, ever, marks the spot), but also has a side hustle as an acquirer of rare antiquities. Not only does his side hustle relate to his professional career, but also allows him to travel to far flung and exotic places and bring in some extra cash on the side.

Speaking of travelling the world, Indiana Jones frugally travels on someone else’s dime. He gets to travel to Vienna, Egypt, Nepal, and South America, paid for courtesy of the government, Walter Donovan, or Marcus Brody’s museum. I should really work on finding a benefactor to pay me to travel the world.

Free food is good food.

Doctor Jones isn’t picky about his ride, which allows him to get around cheaply. Elephants, motorcycles, boats, and even hopping onto a circus train, it doesn’t matter how good his ride looks as long as it gets him from point A (Mayapore) and point B (Pankot Palace).

There you have it, all the reasons I think Dr. Indiana Jones can be looked upon for frugal inspiration. As if I need another reason to love Indy.  Would you consider your favourite character from a movie or tv show frugal?

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8 thoughts on “Frugal Inspiration: Indiana Jones


    Indiana Jones is the MAN! I never thought him frugal, but I like where your post is going. My childhood hero = Scrooge McDuck from Ducktails. The dude was cheap! Yet, he somehow saved enough cash to fill a whole money bin. Although there are many flaws with doing this for real, it was pretty amazing when I was 8 years old. In a lot of ways, I’m still working towards that money bin!

  2. This was really cute. As if saving the world wasn’t enough, who knew Dr. Jones was also a fruggy savvy spender!?

  3. Indiana Jones was definitely a childhood idol while growing up. I loved those movies. You’re so right about his frugal ways though. The whole side hustle and traveling on someone else’s dime. Awesome post. Brings back memories.

  4. I love Indie! In fact, I want to name my future dog Indiana Jones. I never thought of him as being frugal, but you’re right!

  5. I love Indy! Well, I haven’t really thought of a frugal character that is a favorite of mine. I would have to say, off the top of my head, mine would be Tintin from the Advientures of Tintin. I find Tintin extremely resourceful, creative, a very I’-ll-do-it-myself kind of chap with an unbending “can do” attitude which I think is necessary for a frugal yet fun lifestyle.

  6. This post is epic! I love Indiana Jones and now I have one more reason! One of my favorite characters from a TV show growing up was Magnum P.I. I’m not sure if he was frugal, though by living in Hawaii, I’m sure he saved a bundle by not needing to buy a lot of heavy clothing 😀

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