Mayday! It’s May

May is going to be expensive. I was flipping through my planner and was looking at all the events I have to go to and seeing the dollar signs. I feel like there is something I have to go to every weekend in May. Here’s a breakdown of what all these events and extra May expenses I have to look forward to so far:

  • New Computer – I bought a Mac laptop. My old Dell is getting moody and I can’t trust it anymore, so I bit the bullet and shelled out the $1,800 for a Mac (eep – but at least I was able to use my sister’s discount). It seems like such a lot of money for a computer; my friend pointed out I could buy 5 or 6 PCs for the price of a Mac. My thinking with buying an expensive Mac though is that I’m buying quality and that it will hopefully last longer and run with fewer problems than my previous PCs. COST $1,800
  • Wedding Shower Gifts x 3. Three showers for three different gals getting married. I don’t even particularly like these girls, but I’ve known their parents for a long time and like the family, so I’ll suck it up and get them a gift (gotta love small towns, sometimes). I feel really conflicted about giving shower gifts – especially after I see registries that are full of (expensive) home decor items and random stuff. Does the soon to be married couple really need an $80 dollar candle holder decoration-thing? I have no problem buying things that serve a purpose like casserole dishes, pots, pans, but I don’t see why I should dole out my hard earned cash just to help someone fill their house with stuff. I wish I could set up a registry for myself, I’d have all manner of useful things on it: shovels, wheelbarrow, tupperware and a stand-mixer, just to name a few. COST 50 x3 = $150
  • Baby Showers. I’ve been invited to two baby showers for the same couple. I don’t think I should be obligated to buy a gift for both events, so I’m not going to. I’ll buy a gift for the family shower, and then for the friends shower my sister and I are going to make a ‘Daddy Diaper Emergency Kit’, which should cost less than $15 to put together. COST $55
  • Mother’s Day – I’m taking my Mom for high tea for Mother’s Day. Truth be told, I’m absolutely stoked to get some devonshire cream out of it. As well, my sisters and I usually go in together and get Mom a gift certificate for the local plant nursery. COST $75
  • Slo-pitch fees. COST $50
  • Stag & Doe tickets x 4. There is a Stag & Doe every single weekend in May. Again, I am being a ‘good member of the small town community’ and buying tickets to these Stag & Does. I’ll volunteer to be DD, so I can get out of buying drink tickets, which suits me because I’m not a big drinker anymore anyways. COST $5×4 =$20

Yikes. May is looking like it’s going to be an expensive month. Seeing those costs sure makes me hope that nothing else comes up, like something breaking on my car. I suppose though, that’s why we save, right? One must be able to deal with the extra costs when they come up. Still, I’d be really happy if I didn’t incur any other costs this May. I’m going to write down these extra costs in my purple book of spending and hopefully seeing them every time I go to spend money will remind me to be as frugal a possible this month to try and balance out all this spending. I have no idea if it’ll work, but I’m going to give it a shot.

How do you deal with extra costs like buying gifts or unexpected costs? My bestie and I were discussing shower gifts and she feels obligated to buy three gifts for the three showers for her future sister in law (not to mention a wedding gift) – I think that’s insane. I believe in one shower gift, one wedding gift. I don’t think it’s rude not to bring a gift to each shower, what do you guys think? Am I the only one who hates the feeling of obligation to buy shower gifts?

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14 thoughts on “Mayday! It’s May

  1. Wow that’s an expensive month! I don’t think it’s rude to not bring gifts to each one. One of my friends was invited to a baby shower that her friend had. Her friend had SIX showers and expected a gift every time. insane

  2. That’s a lot of gifts! I’ve got a bunch of showers to go to as well in the next few months and I’m having the same conflict. I feel like it’s a little rude to decide to get married and then expect to receive a bunch of gifts. Society is weird though.

    • Yeah, the expectation of gifts drives me nuts. I can see back in the day when people didn’t have much when they were starting out, but these days couples seem to have everything they need before they even get married, so why exactly do I need to get them something?

  3. thisaggiesaves

    I hate gifting in general. If I were invited to multiple showers for the same person I’d only get one gift and call it quits.

  4. I’m so happy Stag and Does aren’t a big thing where we live – weddings are already so expensive with gifts, shower gifts, bachelorettes…the list goes on, doesn’t it! I have three wedding showers, two weddings, and a baby shower this month so I feel your pain. At least people well appreciate it!

    • Whew, you’re in a for a busy month! I was at a stag and doe on the weekend and the groom came up to me and said he really appreciated the support, which I thought was nice. I wish more people did that!

  5. Oh man, just looking at this gives me anxiety too. That’s how I feel around Christmas (because I have a huge huge family). I actually save money year round in a gift fund. It really helps for any type of gift, christmas gifts, bdays, showers, weddings.

    I still have to think of a mother’s day gift….crap, thanks for reminding me!

  6. Cait

    I would also do one shower gift + one wedding gift… but maybe that’s just because we are sensible bloggers!? Who knows. The obligation behind gift giving is pretty powerful though… it can make us spend a lot more money than we’d ever planned to! Good luck this month 🙂

    • You are so right, that feeling of obligation is tough to put to rest. Thankfully, I can at least put money into a pot with my sisters and we can get gifts for showers/weddings together, that seems to help ease the obligation 😉

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  8. Congrats on the Mac! Its the best electronics decision I’ve made, I’m sure you’ll love it!

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