May Budget

My last post (Mayday! It’s May) should give you a pretty good clue as to what this month’s budget is going to look like. May has already started off as an expensive month, so my goal is to really curtail all my extra spending and hopefully bring down some of my utility costs as well. The big expense in May is my new Mac. I actually ordered it on April 29 and it arrived here three days later. I couldn’t believe how fast it came – hardly gets out here that fast. I am pretty excited to have a new computer, but I really haven’t had much time to play around with it. I’m totally new to Macs, so I’m still working on learning how to run the thing. If anyone has any tips or good apps (especially offline blogging ones), I’d love to hear them. I do love my new ‘puter though. It’s just so darn pretty!

I almost had an even more expensive start to the month when a school bus in front of me hit the gravel shoulder and threw a big stone back at my windshield. Thankfully the windshield didn’t crack, but there was about a quarter sized stone chip. Not a great way to start a work day. I cursed school buses and my terrible luck the entire way to work. At lunch, I raced to the local Speedy Autoglass to get the chip looked at, because I figured it would be cheaper to get a chip fixed than replace the entire windshield when it cracked. The guys at the shop were super helpful and called up my insurance company to check whether or not I had any glass/windshield coverage. Thankfully, because the chip was smaller than a dollar coin, it was covered under my comprehensive insurance and the insurance company was willing to not even consider it a claim. Whew. The repair was only about $140, which isn’t really all that much, but I was still pretty happy to not have to pay it.

Anywho, onto the budget. Here’s what I’ve got planned:

Pretty darn expensive month ‘eh? I’m hoping though, that with warmer weather and much more sunlight during the day that my hydro bills will go down significantly. I’ve got the heat turned off in almost every room, so that should help. There’s not a lot of extra spending in this budget – I’m going to do my best to keep it all at a minimum – I’m picturing lots of nights in this month. I should be able to at least get some spring cleaning done that way!

How’s May looking for you? Had any big expenses come up lately? 

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2 thoughts on “May Budget

  1. I’m going on a trip at the end of the month, it’ll be expensive, but I’m ready for it. Have fun with your new computer! I love my mac.

  2. I love how comprehensive your budget is – I simplified mine but may go back to breaking everything down (to find out how much I spend on books mainly!!)
    Good luck this month.

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