Friday Link Love

After putting in a 50 hour work week, I’m ready for the weekend. I’ve only had one evening this week so far without an event to go to, on top of some public meetings for work. I haven’t got a thing planned for the weekend, but there is plenty of work to be done, both on the home and farm front. What I really need is a rainy weekend, so I’m forced to stay inside and get some spring cleaning done. My dust bunnies are rapidly evolving into dust coyotes. It doesn’t sound like this weekend will be rainy, so I’ll likely end up going up to the farm to help clean up the tree-tops that the loggers left or picking rocks.

There were a lot of great blog posts out there this week (geez guys, way to make me feel uilty for only doing a budget post this week). Here’s some recommended reads:

Cait over at Blonde on a Budget wrote a super post contemplating why people are funny about money. I definitely recommend reading both parts. Also, if you haven’t heard, Cait is going Bold. Help her out if you can!

Cassie wrote about why she loves her beater car. I love beater cars (like my sister’s ’92 Lumina) because they are usually the most comfortable cars to drive. Driving my sister’s car is like riding a couch down the road.

Mo’ Money Houses has written 100 posts! She’s awesome and you should go read all 100 of her posts. Right. Now.

Daisy asked whether or not bloggers are writers. I’m hoping I’ll be more of writer this weekend which would likely be a good thing for the blog.

There you go, a little bit of reading for the weekend. I’m off to start transferring things off the Dellatron to the new Mac.

Have a super weekend, everyone.

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3 thoughts on “Friday Link Love

  1. Thanks for the link love country girl 😀

  2. 50 hours? I hope your weekend was very relaxing.

  3. Cait

    Thanks for the link love and mention of my fundraising! Hope you had a nice weekend 🙂

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