Thank goodness for garage sales.

Earlier this week I was informed that I’m hosting a garage sale this weekend. My Mom and Aunt have a garage sale every year and they decided that my place is an ideal location for a garage sale. It has something to do with maximum traffic exposure and the perfect ratio of driveway space to stuff to sell, or so I’m told. Whatever, I don’t mind, although I suppose if I were a cut throat business person, I could charge them a per-table rate or collect a percentage of their sales. Not being greedy, I’m willing to settle for some homemade cookies and muffins.

I don’t have anything to sell at the garage sale. I’m more at the stage in my life where I’m interested in buying stuff from garage sales. I’m hoping to get out this weekend and find some treasures – a half decent bookcase for my office, a recliner, maybe some shelves, garden tools, flower pots, an office lamp, anything that catches my eye really. Going to garage sales is a bit of a tradition around here – my Mom and Aunt have had one every year since I can remember, so I would always help out for a while and then go for a wander around the neighbourhood to see what the neighbours were offering up for sale. Through the years, I’ve managed to score some pretty awesome, and super cheap finds:

  • The scariest clown doll you’ve ever seen. I would put a picture up, but it’s far too terrifying for even the internet. I picked the clown up for $1, put it in a box, and stored it way back in my closet before bringing it out and scaring the absolutely shit out of my sister on Halloween. She still shudders when I mention that clown.
  • The ‘Silver Chief’ series of books by Jack O’Brien. I read the first book when I was in Grade 3, after finding it in a deep dark corner of the school library. The book made an impression – I think it started my love for all things ‘north’. I was beyond excited when I found the series at a garage sale for 50 cents – and I still have them.
  • My kitchen table and chairs. It’s the perfect size for my weirdly long, skinny kitchen and I got them for free! Just had to wait until the garage sale was over and the person just wanted the table and chairs gone.
  • A jewelry box. It had kittens on it. I was 6. I found out the felt lining came out and found $20 stashed away in it.

Those are my most memorable garage sale finds. Hopefully there will be some treasures to be found this weekend. How do you feel about garage sales – love ’em or leave ’em? What’s your favourite garage sale find? 


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10 thoughts on “Thank goodness for garage sales.

  1. I love garage sales! I’m actually going to be selling some stuff this summer instead of buying though, since my apartment came furnished and we’re looking at moving into an even smaller space, some of our stuff has to go. The best thing I ever got from a garage sale was a framed picture. When we first bought it, we thought it was a generic picture, but closer inspection revealed it was a photograph of our own city from the opposite shore at sunset. Gorgeous!

  2. SWR

    I love garage sales! Between our house and town are some really REALLY wealthy neighborhoods, and I cannot wait to spend a Saturday morning wandering around some of their neighborhood garage sales.

  3. Garage sales have made me a ton of money. There used to be a Fedex commercial with a creepy clown. I loved that commercial.

    • Right on! We’ve probably made a fair bit of money over the years through our garage sales. I’m going to youtube fedex commercials and see if I can’t find it – then send it to my sister 😉

  4. amomsdime

    That $20 must have felt like the best treasure box find ever! Garage sales are great. I like ones in our neighourhood so that I also have a chance to meet the neighbours.

    • I’m pretty sure I ran around the house, yelling my head off that I was rich. You’re right, garage sales are a great way to meet the neighbours.

  5. I love them, but I don’t go to them. Too tempting and I end up buying stuff I don’t really need.

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