Worth it

I have started this blog post about six times, written about four sentences and then deleted everything. I must have sat out too long in the sun today (don’t worry, I put on sunscreen, so at least my skin isn’t burnt) or maybe my brain has a long weekend hangover, because this whole writing-thing is not working for me tonight. Sometimes, I can write and write and write, and then I have days like today when I can hardly string a sentence together. Of course, this happens the night I actually have the time to sit down and write a post too. In an attempt to thwart my brain’s blog writing rebellion, I’m going to do a picture post about things that I think are worth every cent. Take that, brain.

Here’s a few things that I will happily pay for and never complain about the price:

Cheese curds. I would consider selling an organ for a lifetime supply of warm, squeaky cheese curds.


Marcelle BB Cream. If I could only have one makeup product, this would be it. I’m not keen on makeup so this is my go-to alternative.

DAVIDsTEA Green Seduction tea. I have a pot of this every morning. Actually, I love most tea, so I never complain about the price of tea.

My Bogs. I spend a lot of time in rubber boots, and these (in green) are the best ones I’ve ever had. 

Good, non-greasy sunscreen. I’m the kind of person who burns on a rainy day, so sunscreen is not optional. Anything that keeps me from burning to a crisp or ending up looking like that scary tanning-lady from New Jersey is worth it.

What’s on your ‘worth it’ list? 

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15 thoughts on “Worth it

  1. Oo this is a great post topic! What’s worth it to me? Lush body lotion. Free range organic meat. Craft beer. MAC makeup, and Lululemon run tights.

  2. Anything for your skin and aging, I think is worth it. I also think good quality shoes are worth it. Oh, and good chocolate – I can taste the difference!

  3. SWR

    High-quality meat, soft towels, and traveling to stay in contact with our far-away friends and family.

  4. I will have to check out your suggestion on rubber boots. They are a staple here, too. I would pay almost anything for electricity. I know, not very romantic but very useful.

  5. Ummm I’m gonna have to agree with Jordann and say Lululemon… tanks and pants and leggings. I have a soft spot for all things lululemon. Also my smartphone!

  6. definitely my smart phone, fresh Parmesan cheese, fountain tomato sauce and Liptons tea

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  8. Cheese. Pretty much any kind, all the time. I’m sure there are others, but now you’ve got me dreaming about the cheese shop!

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