100th post: Made it!

It’s taken me over year to get here to 100 posts, but I did it. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that in writing, like in running, I’m not much of a sprinter. Looking back over the last year and a bit, I’m really glad I decided to start a blog and chronicle my thoughts and even an accomplishment or two. At first, I was really hesitant to start a blog and share my thoughts, but through my blog I’ve got a nice little timeline of the last year as well as gotten to know a bunch of other great pf bloggers who challenge the way I think and inspire me.

Now that I have written 100 posts, I feel like I should take a good look at this blog and see how I can improve it, as I think I’ll keep on writing for a while yet. I’ve toyed with the idea of going to a self-hosted blog, as I’d love to really be able to make the best blog I can. The only caveat I have is a little voice that tells me I don’t have the time to put the effort into making blogging a lucrative side-gig. It’s true too, I often feel like I’m short a day or two each week, between work and my evening activities, I’m not in front of my computer a great deal. Then again, it would be pretty sweet to have my own little domain that’s all Country Girl. I’d love to hear what you, my dear readers, think or if you have any experiences to share with going self-hosted.

I wanted my 100 post to be sort of special – which is why I’ve put off writing this post for a couple days, I couldn’t come up with anything that seemed special. I got to thinking today, it might be fun to try my hand at a list of 27 (as it is the 27th of May) random things I’ve learned, experienced or am thankful for. Here we go, in no particular order:

  1. I’m thankful for my health
  2. I’m thankful for my family
  3. I’m lucky to have the greatest best-friend-in-the-whole-damn-world.
  4. I learned that being debt-free is a great feeling.
  5. I re-learned how to braid hair – yay for long hair!
  6. I’m glad my cat’s eye isn’t weird and freaky looking anymore.
  7. I’m thankful for Dierks Bentley. Yum.
  8. I’m thankful I grew up on a farm.
  9. I’m glad I was able to get a job outside of the city.
  10. I love living by a big body of water.
  11. I love how quiet it is when the cottagers leave after a long week.
  12. I’m proud that I was able to buy my first house, by myself.
  13. I learned that the petty bitches in high school are still petty bitches.
  14. I’m learning to let the small stuff go.
  15. I’m happy to be Canadian.
  16. I hit four home-runs last year!
  17. I’m thankful for Cadbury Creme Eggs.
  18. I’m learning to enjoy the simple things.
  19. I started yoga and I love it.
  20. I’m glad my parents encouraged me to read when I was young.
  21. I’m getting better at keeping my temper in check.
  22. I’ve done the sour-toe cocktail.
  23. I’m glad I worked hard when I was a teenager and made a name for myself in the community.
  24. I’m glad I spent the money on high tea in Banff.
  25. I’m thankful I’ve got a great mentor.
  26. I’ve got more self confidence now than ever before – and it’s a great feeling.
  27. I’m thankful for the supportive, fun and inspiring pf community.

There ya’ have it. To all my readers, thanks for taking the time to read and share your thoughts with me. I’m looking forward to the next 100 posts, and maybe even a couple hundred more after that!

Have a good ‘un

Country Girl

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10 thoughts on “100th post: Made it!

  1. Congrats on 100! Those are all great things to be grateful for.

  2. What a milestone!

    I hear ya on not feeling you have the time/energy to devote to blogging to make it worthwhile to take that step. All in our own time 🙂

  3. Congrats on 100 posts!

    It may seem like a right of passage, but I don’t think there’s any rush to go self hosted.

    I did, because while I’d be lying if I said I HAD the time (full time work, full time school, another blog, a side hustle, etc), I wanted to make the time.It means some early mornings sometimes but it’s worth it for me. Some people may not feel the same way and that’s completely ok! The great thing is that our blogs are unique to ourselves, and we can do whatever we want with them 🙂

  4. Congrats on 100 posts! I’m not even half way there yet. I wouldn’t rush making the jump to self hosted either, unless you want to, in which case you should.

  5. yayyyy! congrats on the 100th post! I enjoy reading your blog. 🙂

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