How the lockdown is going.

You may recall that back in June, I challenged myself to have a No-Spend July. I felt that I had been spending a little more than was necessary, so instead of hiding my debit cards I thought I would do a little test of will power. Now that it’s August (ohmygod, where has the summer gone?!), it seems like a good time to evaluate how I’ve done. Here were the rules I gave myself and how I did:

  • No jeans, shoes, scarves, tops, sweaters, jackets, skirts, dresses from hence forth. The only clothing item I’m allowed to buy until the end of July are socks. PASS – I did buy some new underwear, but I didn’t buy anything else (even socks), so I’m going to give myself a pass on this.
  • No home decor items shall be bought. Only necessary home items allowed: lightbulbs, batteries, etc. FAIL – while I did buy some lightbulbs and batteries, I also bought a deckbox (I couldn’t handle earwigs in my deckchair cushions) and a solid oak tv armoire. I really wasn’t expecting to buy an armoire, but some elderly neighbours are moving and offered me their beautiful solid oak armoire for $250. It was hand made by a local mennonite and is in amazing shape, so I just couldn’t say no. Now, I just have to decide whether I’m going to use it in my office as a bookshelf or put in living room and use it as a storage pantry. (Now that I’ve gone on and on about this armoire, I feel as though I should post a picture. I will as soon as I get where I want it!)
  • I will allow myself to print 15 photos for two frames that I have recently purchased. PASS – I didn’t actually get this done. Heh.
  • No makeup. I have more than enough make up. – PASS. No new makeup. I didn’t even step foot into a pharmacy!
  • Exception: sunscreen and bug spray. I allow myself to buy in bulk if necessary. PASS.   Had to restock on my sunscreen. I should have enough to get me through the rest of the summer.
  • Gifts are exempt. This shouldn’t be too bad though, no upcoming July birthdays, just a couple bridal showers. PASS – I actually didn’t buy any gifts. The bridal showers I was planning on attending were cancelled.
  • No DVDs/games. I really really want Season 2 of Justified, but I will restrain myself. PASS – but I do have a bunch of DVDs for my Christmas wish list.

There you have it. I did manage to keep my non-necessity spending to a minimum, but I did have a two big slips with the deck box and armoire. The deck box was a result of a ear-wig driven freak out – but at least I found a deck box on sale. I know that next time, if I have a freakout, I will have to basically hide my car keys and wallet, otherwise I will end up going out to buy a solution immediately, when I really I could have waited for an even better deal at the end of the season (or at least waited another week for all the earwigs to die off).

As for the armoire, it was a deal that came up last week and I couldn’t say no. I have a weakness for solid wood furniture and when I think I’m getting a really good deal. If there’s one thing I learned this past month, it’s that I have a hard time saying no to what I perceive as deals. I think in the future, I should make a better attempt to think about deals and maybe ‘sleep on them’ instead of making snap decisions.

Despite a couple of slip ups, I think I did ok. I’d like to continue my shopping lock down into August. I think I can stick with pretty well the same rules, but I am giving myself an exception to get a print made of my great-grandfather’s farm auction poster for my office. It’s a great piece of family history that was recently discovered, so I’m going to get a print made so I can include it in my family-history themed office (ah, I’m such a genealogy nerd).

I’m curious, what have you learn about yourself through attempting careful and controlled spending?  

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7 thoughts on “How the lockdown is going.

  1. I think you did extremely well! I have limited myself to not buying books unless they are on a approved list until I finish the stack of books that aren’t read. I’m doing pretty well actually-only one slip up but other than that, I’m doing well. I try to avoid looking at new releases or just browsing though. That was how I made the slip up-I happened to see this book that by an author I liked and I wasn’t strong enough to put it down. Thankfully, I bought it with my own money though!

  2. I think it’s interesting what I will and will not spend money on when I’m trying to control my spending. For example, Marley and Me is one of my favorite animal books and I’ve been wanting to re-read it. It’s $10 on Google Ebooks, and I’ve been considering buying it for at least a month, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. On the other hand, I won’t hesitate to pick up a case of beer at the end of the week. Obviously I could just not buy beer and be able to afford that book, but somehow the beer is totally worth it and the book isn’t quite worth it. Funny how the human brain works.

    It looks like your doing pretty good on your no spend challenge, maybe you should consider rewarding yourself a bit and then extending the challenge out? That way you’ll be more likely to make it straight through to the end of august with no slip ups.

  3. belowhermeans

    You are doing REALLY well. Impressive stuff!

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  5. You’re doing great… I am not however. ~__~;

  6. I went on one last year and I found that when I stayed away from the mall, it worked really well. I also really found what I needed in my wardrobe. The hard part of shopping again is making sure I stick to only getting items that I need to fill holes in my wardrobe and not fall back into the same rutt.

  7. I’m impressed!
    When I try not to spend, that mostly means not buying lunches or going out to dinner/brunch with friends, and not swinging by my favorite stores. But I don’t really shop that much. But when I’m conscious of my spending, I start noticing all the little things I want.

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