Country Girl on the Debt Free Living Podcast

I’ve been podcasted! If you’re itchin’ to put a voice to Country Girl, head on over to JW’s Debt Free Living Podcast to hear me talk about my experience with debt.

A couple weeks ago, Jon contacted me about doing an interview for his great series on living debt free. I agreed, and before too long, we were chatting about how I become debt free and how it’s affected my life. Jon is a great interviewer, so I highly recommend that you go check out his podcast series. He’s done some great interviews, with people who much more coherent than me, so be sure to have a listen sometime.

It was a fun interview and a first for me. I’ve never done an interview about being debt free or my blog, so I was a little nervous – mostly because I didn’t want to end up sounding like a total knob. I tried to keep my country drawl to a minimum, but I guess we’ll see how much came through.

Have you ever been interviewed about personal finance or your blog? What was your experience?  

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9 thoughts on “Country Girl on the Debt Free Living Podcast

  1. Thanks again for being on the show! Your story made for a great interview and I think a lot of people will find it inspiring!

  2. Darn I’m at work so I can’t watch it. Will put it on my list for later!

  3. That’s pretty cool! I’ve had a few phone interviews, either about personal finance or my blog, but it never got me on a podcast! Woo for you!

  4. Congratulations on the interview!

  5. Thanks kindly!

  6. Jeee daar is het recept!! Ik heb er nu al zin in! Ik ga er proberen muc/nisfcupfakes van te maken zodat ik ze als tussendoortje kan meenemen. Ik zal wel laten weten of dat het gelukt is Fijn weekend alvast en geniet inderdaad straks van een heerlijk rood wijntje of een lekkere latte!

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