The Surprise Shed

This past weekend I was happily munching on my Shreddies when I noticed a truck drive across the neighbouring vacant lot. Shortly after, it was followed by another truck. I near inhaled my Shreddies and ducked around my back patio door to see what was going on. Lo and behold, the previous owner of my house was clearing out the shed that is sitting on the property line between my place and the neighbouring vacant lot. The lot had been put up for sale and sold in a week, so they were there to clean the lot up, including the shed. I had reached out to the real estate agent to ask about buying/moving the shed, who told me the owner would contact me, but I never heard anything more about it.

Curious as to what the fate of the shed was, I wandered out to ask. I introduced myself and once the owner heard my name, he asked me if I was still interested in the shed. The sale of the lot was closing in two weeks and he needed to move the shed (and little wood lean-to) before the closing date. I asked what he thought the 16×13 shed was worth. He said $3000. I replied I would give him $2500 for the shed and the lean-to (including the wood in it) and I would take care of moving it. Just like that, I found myself the proud owner of a new shed.

I called up my Dad and told him I bought a shed and that it would need moving sooner rather than later. Before long, he was down at my place taking a look at the shed. It’s a solid, well built shed, with a work bench and lots of cupboards in it, so it got the all important Dad approval. After the previous owners got it all cleaned out and left, Dad nodded at me, smirked and told me I worked a pretty good deal. I think my Dad is pretty proud of me for getting a deal like that, which makes me feel great, but also makes me want to negotiate everything. Unfortunately, I don’t think the Township will be willing to negotiate on my upcoming tax bill. Oh well.

Moving the shed took up the rest of my weekend. Luckily, Dad had a pile of extra gravel (it pays to let contractors doing road repairs use your land) to level off a spot in the back corner of my lot. We got the shed’s landing spot all flat and smooth and then began jacking up the corners of the shed so we could put the beams and rollers under it for the big move. It’s never fails to amaze me what a loader tractor is capable of lifting. Once we got the rollers under it, we could push the shed with the loader over the rollers. The hard part was getting the shed turned around so it was square with my driveway. Thankfully, my uncle stopped in and between the three of us, we managed to get it into position and then set it down on the cement blocks. It was hot, dirty work, but do I ever feel like I accomplished something.


Of course, today when I noticed my bank account was $2500 less. Not having that money sucks, but having a solid, large shed adds to the value of my property and provides desperately needed storage space. I no longer have to worry about raccoons taking my lawn mower out for a joyride! I wasn’t exactly expecting to spend $2500 on a shed, but when the lot went up for sale I figured I might ask about the shed. Thankfully, I’m a saver, so when the opportunity came up, I was able to jump on it. Had I not had the money saved up and being unable to buy the shed, I think I would be kicking myself. Take it from me – it’s good to have money saved up, whether or not it’s a last minute trip or a shed, it’s good to be  able to take advantage of opportunities as they come along.

Have you had any big unexpected purchases come out of the blue that you could pay for because of your savings? Anyone want to come paint half a shed (the other half faced the road, so it warranted some paint apparently)?

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8 thoughts on “The Surprise Shed

  1. Nice shed! Looks like it was a good buy. I haven’t been able to take advantage of anything, mostly because I don’t have any money saved, except my emergency fund. Once I’m out of debt though, I look forward to being able to do stuff like that!

  2. Kay

    You really did work up a great deal!! Not that I know anythingabout shed, but if your father says its a great deal you worked up, then I think so too!!

    Glad your savings helped you at the right moment! ofcourse it hurts to see the number savings a/c come down, but whats money if not to buy the things we need and will add value to our life.

  3. Oooohhh, nice shed! I’m definitely jealous! A shed is on my list of things to build/acquire next summer, I’m kind of tired of keeping my lawn mower in the kitchen! lol.

  4. That is a great deal, the shed looks like a really nice one ! Great negotiation skills 🙂 And good for you all for moving it, that would be a hefty job, one in which I would probably go inside and tell my boyfriend to figure it out! hehe just kidding.. kinda.

  5. The Asian Pear

    Good deal on the sheds. Ever since we started shopping for one (and my Dad ended up making one on his own), I’m painfully aware of how expensive they are. You got it at a good price. A 16×13 shed is HUGE!

  6. Nice shed! Congrats on working such an awesome deal!

  7. Nice! It’s nice that you were in a position to just buy the shed when you negotiated a good deal. You definitely won’t regret it.

  8. Love your shed – we just downsized to a really small shed (it would look so small next too yours!)

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