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For the last couple of weeks I’ve had side-hustles on my mind. There are lots of people out there who have another job (or two) in addition to their full time work. It’s a great way to get some extra income, which I would love to have. Every once and a while I’ve thrown around the idea of getting a side hustle, but I can’t seem to bring myself around to actually making any sort of plan or commitment.

I could certainly use some extra cash. I’m not in dire need by any means, but it would be nice to maximize my earning potential. Extra cash would help me pay down my mortgage, save up for my retirement, do more renos around the house and just give me some extra leeway in my budget. Unfortunately, the siren call of more moolah isn’t loud enough to drown out my brain conspiring against me. Here are my reasons (excuses?) for not having a side-hustle.

1. I have no idea what I would do. I’m a geographer by training and my geographic skills don’t seem to translate really well to a side-hustle, unless there is a demand for soil moisture modelling/analyzing that I don’t know about. I’m handy with computers, but not handy or creative enough that I could design wedding invitations or anything like that. I suppose the most logical idea for a side-hustle would be trying to make money off this here blog, but at the moment, I don’t feel like I’d be a very successful money-making blogger because…

2. I’m kind of busy. I work full time. I have two significant volunteer commitments – one a local history book project and the second working on exhibits for a local museum. This is in addition to weekly yoga and curling, a house to maintain, and oh yeah, blogging. I really enjoy my volunteer work, my sports and blogging. I already feel like I don’t give enough time to my blog, so it’s hard to imagine having something else on my plate to take up more of my precious time. I suppose I could always be better at time management, but when I’m out of the house for work for 10 hours a day, five days a week, it seems to leave me a bit short of time already.

3. I’m kind of lazy. There I’ve admitted it. I could be more efficient with my time, but I’m just not and right now, I’m not willing to put the effort into squeezing everything else so I can have more work to do. I like being able to sit and visit with people who stop in for a visit and not have to shoo them away because between 7 and 8:30 I’m supposed to be working on this, that or another thing. I can’t help but feel like I would burn out before too long.

4. Part-time jobs out here are few and far between. Working at a local shop is pretty much out of the question as everything but Tim Horton’s shuts down at 5 PM. Even the hours of a hired-hand on a farm wouldn’t fit into my schedule, unless I did an evening shift in a dairy barn – but that conflicts with my volunteer and sport stuff.

There you have it, my excuses for not having a side-hustle (I hope this doesn’t make me a bad personal finance blogger). Right now, a side-hustle just isn’t in the cards for me. I can’t motivate myself to change into a super efficient money making machine, so I’ll just have to accept that I have to make do with what I currently earn (that, or win the lottery or become a super-duper savvy investor). I feel a little guilty for not wanting/being able to convince myself to get a side-hustle, and as great as extra cash would be, I can’t seem to justify the time and effort it would require.

Do you have a side-hustle? Why/why not? What motivated you to get one or conversely, what are your reasons for not having one?

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17 thoughts on “No side-hustle here

  1. LittleFrugalista

    Yup, I waitress on the side. It’s tough working 7 days a week but because my restaurant lets me only work on the weekends, it is easy to fit into my schedule. The catch? No life. I make it work though as my shifts don’t typically last all day. It has been worth it because it let me pay off debt at lightening speed and now I’m hoping ti does the same for my savings! Not for everyone though and I totally hear you!

  2. I have multiple side hustles. I mainly have these so that I can pay off debt and buy the things that I want.

  3. I have a few side hustles in the making, but I haven’t seen a whole lot of return on them yet. Honestly, if you are happy with the way your finances are, why get a side hustle? Life’s about enjoying, not maximizing your earning potential at every turn. I really want to get of out debt, so a side hustle makes sense for me. If you don’t have a big hairy audacious financial goal (and there’s no rule saying you need one) the require you to have a side hustle, then why have one?

  4. SWR

    I am seriously considering picking up a job (retail?) over the holiday season. Luckily for me, that’s the time that I am least busy as a student.

    After school I’m sure I’ll have something on the side to help pay down my massive student loan.

  5. em

    I am in the same boat as you!!! I have an ugly student loan to get rid of and of course I want to build up my savings. But – I have my excuses as well, number one is I don’t want my career job to suffer. I do a bit of traveling for my career job and I stay late sometimes. The last thing I would want to do is have to run out the door for after-work job. My second excuse is that my boyfriend works shift work, so I only see him 1 or 2 days a week (he can go up to 8 wknds in a row working!) so I do cherish the little time we spend together and working another job wouldn’t help.
    I’ve applied to a few jobs and even had calls for interviews, but ALL the interviews were during working hours (even though the job stipulated it was a wknd position) and the hiring people were not willing to move the interview… wtf?
    I will probably keep looking, if I can find a job that fits my schedule and is flexible, I will keep it, but I’m not in a hurry.

  6. I want to do something… But I’m not sure what I can do. There are retail jobs but I feel this is not ideal for me. I want a side-job that’s more flexible.

    • : moi j’adore quand mon mec me fait ça et ça me donne une grande envie de pénétration : j&as;uoqessrie plusieurs positions pour pouvoir mieux nous satisfaire car j aime bien que son pénis aille au plus profond de mon vagin ! 1  2

  7. Hi Cents of Country Girl! I hope to make one of my hobbies or passions into a side hustle in the future. Thats the dream right? To get paid for what you love to do? Making it a reality is the hard part. I am hoping that starting small and being patient will help me get there. Good for you for knowing how you personally feel about it. I think that working a second job that you don’t enjoy would be miserable (I already work more than 40 hrs a week at my day job). Also, I really like the layout of your site!

  8. I hear you! I have no side hustle (yet!), either, and not entirely sure I want to start or if I know where to start. I work full time, go to school part time (taking 2 courses), play sports once a week, yoga once a week, and write this blog (not too much lately), and maintaining a long distance relationship – I’m not sure how I would carve out the time – without sacrificing the balance I have now. Besides, I made a decent amount of money and I enjoy my down time, so no side hustle for me, for now, either!

  9. myjampackedlife

    Ie got nothing either. Living in a s,all town limits what people will pay others to do and what they will pay for it. I just want to sell candy online. That’s it.

  10. I don’t have a side hustle. I’ve thought about it but its not in the cards. I think I could make more money by working harder/longer at my current job but I like my work/life balance, too. I need to see my little girl and hubby. Don’t feel bad about it.

  11. I do ! I do social media management and some freelance writing, but it’s only about 20 hours of my time a month so it’s really easy to keep up with. Plus I really like it !! But honestly, don’t pick one up if you don’t have a lot of spare time. When I was working two jobs and in school, I absolutely hated that I NEVER had free time to spend with my friends. You don’t want to end up feeling overworked !!

  12. I am also in the same boat as you are. I sort of have very similar excuses as you 🙂

  13. I do freelance writing on the side as well. Some days it works out, and some days I just can’t get motivated to do it.

  14. no side hustle here too! Life’s busy as such and am struggling to find a balance between family / kid / work / housework / hobbies and I don’t want to add in a side hustle. but I would like to add in a couple of volunterring hours a week. I hope I’m able to get that done.

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  16. I have the same thoughts as you. Our income could use a boost but I don’t really want to work more or have any obvious hustling skills. Monetizing our blog is the only thing I’d really try. I should be focusing on graduating – there’s a reason I’m not permitted an outside job!

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