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Fall Top Five

Aaah, fall. My favourite season. I love the cooler nights, smell of the wheat and bean harvests, and quieter nights. If I spend an evening inside during the summer I feel guilty, like I’m wasting the good weather. No such guilt with fall, I can have a quiet night in, curled up on the couch with a book totally guilt-free. I will also thoroughly enjoy the absence of mosquitos, which were horrendous around here this summer. It’s a miracle I didn’t end up with West Nile disease. This weekend will be my summer wrap up. The last slo-pitch game of the season will be played and despite what the calendar says, that is the true end of summer. I’m really looking forward to a slower pace as I gradually work my way towards my winter hibernation. Everything just seems to slow down and go at a much gentler pace once September rolls around, which is awesome. My summer was hectic at times, so I’m really hoping to get into a calmer routine this fall.

In honour of the awesomeness of fall, here are the top five things I’m looking forward to this fall:

  1. Work slows down. Summer is my busy season at work and once the construction and field work season is over, I can finally take some time off. This fall, I’m looking forward to taking a week off and working on my deck, painting the other half of my new she,d and finally organizing my filing cabinet.
  2. Yoga classes starting again. I really miss yoga during the summer. I know, I could do it myself, but I have a horrible memory for poses (Off the top of my head I can recall: downward facing dog, child’s pose and tree and that’s it) and I really enjoy going through the poses guided by the instructor.
  3. The local fall fair. I love our fall fair: the parade, the midway, the dance, the exhibits, the food (ohgodthefood), and catching up with everyone. It’s so much fun. I’ve got my list of things to bake for the fair all ready and booked off the day before the fair so I can do all the baking. My friend and I always get together and bake for the fair and we have a blast, so it’s something I really look forward too. Last year we won a couple first prizes, so hopefully the winning streak continues!
  4. I typically spend less money in the fall. Summer is all about going out, getting ice cream, going places, seeing people and that adds up pretty quick. Things around here pretty well lock up once the first of September hits and everyone, generally, hangs around home more often. There’s fewer shopping trips to the city and fewer local events happening. It’s a good rest for the ole pocketbook.
  5. The Canadian Personal Finance Conference. I’m excited (and ok, nervous) to meet some fellow Canadian pf bloggers. It should be a great learning experience and chance to show off my horrid bowling skills during the Friday social event. Fellow attendees, if you really want to¬†guarantee yourself a win in bowling, all you have to do is challenge me.

Are you looking forward to fall?  

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