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Please don’t tell me about sales

Through the day, I usually get around half a dozen or so emails from different retailers advertising something – free shipping, clearance sales, or new items. Some retailers seem to send daily emails (ahem, lookin’ at you Dell) while others come once a week or once a month. Most of the time, I barely glance at the emails aside from deleting them. Something has to really catch my eye for me to open the email, even if the email is from my favourite retailer.

While email advertising isn’t very effective on me, word of mouth sure is. Last week, my coworker came back from lunch and told me about towels, sheets, picture frames and other household items being on clearance at the local Zellers. The next day, I was at Zellers shopping for frames, towels and sheets. This weekend, my sister was telling me about the summer clothes clearance at a local clothing shop – today, guess where I found myself (I only bought a tank top – I somehow managed to restrain myself). I feel like hearing the word ‘clearance sale’ from someone results in a Pavlovian response.

It seems as though hearing about a sale from someone I know gives credence to the quality of the sale. It’s almost as though if the sale was good enough for someone to tell me about it, I have to check it out. Weird ‘eh? I don’t budge when retailers email me extolling their clearance sales, but get someone I know to tell me about it and I’ll be all over that sale. When someone tells me about a sale, I need to work on treating it like an email and delete it.

What kind of advertising works on you?


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